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Chao Phraya Chest by Magic Wagon

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This is Magic Wagon’s version of Buried Treasure that was invented and originally built by the ever creative genius Ed Massey c. 1957 and later built by Arturo (Glenn Babbs) c. 1964 and marketed by U.F. Grant and Abbott’s. This version uses a method that is actually very similar to Massey’s original idea. This has to be Magic Wagon’s most breathtaking box so far, and the effect and method is also one of their strongest. It is a perfect illusion which is easy to do but leaves no clue as to the method.

Effect: Absolutely stunning in appearance! Each chest made from Burl wood which has a really attractive & unpredictable grain pattern with yellow-brown to dark golden brown color. This type of wood displays an artistically smooth and exotic grain that is unique to this distinctive wood.

The performer shows a coin and has it marked for later identification. He then takes the coin and causes it to vanish. The performer now directs attention to an ornate chest which is seen in full view before the show even begins. The chest is then opened and seen to be filled with coffee beans, protruding from the coffee beans is a ribbon. The spectator is asked to slowly pull the ribbon. Attached to the other end of the ribbon is a metal clip with the same marked coin securely between its jaws!

At the end, the coffee beans can be poured out of the chest and the chest is then shown to be absolutely no holes or slots anywhere!

  • The coin can be borrowed and marked by the spectator!
  • The chest is in full view before the coin vanishes!
  • The coin found in the chest is the very same, marked coin!

This handsome chest measures 12cms wide x 11cms high x 9cms deep. It is an instant performable collector’s piece of magic!

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.

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Approx. Price: $229.00 (2007) ***

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3 reviews for Chao Phraya Chest by Magic Wagon

  1. Andy Martin

    Talk About Breathtaking Magic!

    Wow! Just when you think you know all about those amazing guys over at Magic Wagon, they come out with something even more beautiful and even more amazing than before!

    This has to be their most breathtaking box so far, and the effect and method is also one of their strongest. It is a perfect illusion which is easy to do but leaves no clue as to the method.

    The basic effect is as follows: you show a beautiful box and place it down in front of the spectators. You now borrow a coin and have it signed. The coin vanishes using your favourite method, and then you open up the box … inside is filled with coffee beans. Out of the beans is hanging a single red ribbon – the spectator can pull this and their coin is found attached to a clip at the botton – buried deep in the beans. The beans can now be tipped out and inside the box is as clean as a whistle.

    This is an amazing effect that works consistently every time, without any tricky moves.

    Breathtaking Beauty, Amazing Effect and Easy To Do! What more could you ask for? Nothing. This is a real winner for sure.

    Most Highly Recommended for anyone who loves beautiful magic.

  2. Tom Pearson

    Outstanding and Exquisite

    This chest is absolutely perfectly finished and precision made like a fine jewelry box. It is so beautiful that one would never suspect it is uniquely designed to accomplish a magic trick. The effect involves the appearance of a marked half dollar previously vanished and now found buried in coffee beans and visible only with a ribbon sticking out of the beans when the chest is opened. The coin is held in a clip inside the beans. I love finely finished boxes, and this chest is as beautifully finished and perfectly crafted as any you will ever find.

    This is a prize to my collection and will be to yours if you choose to get it. Highly recommended.

  3. Greg

    Instant Classic

    Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but it seems to me that we are seeing Magic Wagon become one of the classic magic manufacturers of our age. They don’t seem to miss a beat when it comes to creating timeless, first-rate effects in both quality and concept.

    The Chao Phraya Chest is another release from Magic Wagon that defies description regarding the effort that went into creating this piece. The effect is a simple coin to impossible location, but the method is seamless and flawless, and the chest is a work of art. Your audience will feel special just looking at the wonderful workmanship and finish. I shouldn’t go on too much about the craftsmanship for fear of overshadowing the effect…which is excellent. Because you don’t need to concentrate on loading the signed coin since the operation is so easy, you can put your energy where it should be…into your performance. And the beauty of the box lends itself to creating a story about its history and how you acquired it. It is just too beautiful not to talk about.

    Buy this effect. Use this effect. Enjoy this effect…your audience definitely will.

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