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Mini-Duck by Jimmy Hearsum

(c. 1965) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

There have been many versions of the Card Duck over the years. It was invented by Laurie Ireland and marketed by him as Otto, The Automaton Duck.

What is amazing about this little guy is the duck looks almost exactly like a miniature replica of the Hamilton Jo-Anne Duck.  Jimmy Hearsum did an amazing job in creating this little guy. He works really well, once you have the right cards and you don’t over fill the card tray.  He fits neatly in the jacket pocket and the crowd loves him 🙂

Effect: This is a Jim Hearsum deluxe bench made item with permission of Ireland Magic Co. and released by U.F. Grant. Based on the larger Jo-Anne Duck.

The cutest thing that ever came the way of a close-up performer. Actually carry it in your jacket pocket if you like. It sits on palm of your hand. From a deck of Playtime cards, several are selected and returned to deck, and deck put in feed box. “Mini” ducks down in and picks out the selected cards one at a time. Ideal for small gathering of children. Just right size for hospitality suite, the small bar, etc. . . . Perfect for clowns because it rides in a pocket of their costume. Wonderful for the “Attache Case Set,” it fits so neatly.

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Approx. Price: $110.00 (2000) ***

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