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Dutch Sandwich by Colin Rose

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This beautiful effect was inspired by Eddy Taytelbaum’s Cork Penetration.

Effect: Holland has a wonderful history of truly great Magicians & Magic: Fred Kaps, Richard Ross, Tommy Wonder, and Eddy Taytelbaum.  Eddy was a Master Maker & Inventor of Micro Magic and many of his effects can be found in some of the great Magic Collections around the World today. This particular effect totally intrigued me when I first came upon it, the original version, which was first made in the 1960’s… used an old fashioned Port Bottle Stopper… his use of something quite ordinary to achieve a really visual & entertaining piece of Magical Entertainment made me realize that I wanted to make something similar myself…having played around with several ideas I finally came up with “Dutch Sandwich” and I hope you have as much fun with it as I did!

You show your audience the two wooden tablets and invite someone to help you. The Spectator holds the two pieces of wood with the playing card ‘sandwiched’ between them. You now take a wooden peg and pass this through ‘The Sandwich’. The Bolt has trapped the playing card and now for the impossible. The Magician pulls sideways on the card and in full view of the audience the card is seen to penetrate the Bolt. Everything can be examined!

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