Brass Peg Thru Coin by Limited Edition Magic

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Based on effects created by Tenyo (using a key) and Clarence Miller (using a gold dollar coin), this new Limited Edition Magic release has been enlarged to use a US half and features a nicely stained wood cabinet with gleaming brass peg. If you saw this simple but brilliant little penetration effect, you’d probably need to have one.

Effect: Performer displays a small and very thin wooden case with a pointed peg made of gleaming brass stuck directly through the center holes. It’s shown all around, back and front. The peg is removed. When the inner drawer is slid out, your audience will be amazed to see a shiny US half dollar coin resting in the recess completely filling the interior! The coin is dumped out and may be given away.

The final display looks amazing. The design is so deceptive, it’s easy to fool yourself performing this one. The effect is self-contained. Just pick it up and perform it. Nothing added or stolen away. Rather then the surprise production described, this could also be performed as a standard penetration effect, placing the half in the cabinet at the start and pushing the spiked brass rod through the coin.

Complete with the nicely crafted coin case, brass peg, a real Kennedy half, velvet drawstring bag and instructions.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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