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Deluxe Ghost Glass Penetration by Limited Edition Magic

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Based on Richard Himber’s brilliant Ghost Glass c. 1946, Limited Edition Magic have released a perfect replication of this mini illusion. Himber’s original version was a 12″ stage model, but this new one is made in pocket-size crafted from walnut with solid brass pointer, brass hardware, complemented perfectly by the gleaming needle with solid brass handle. It should be noted that Jack Hughes also created a pocket-size version of the same effect c. 1947.

Effect: This is not merely the penetration of a piece of glass …. But …. and mark this … It is a VISIBLE penetration at any point in the Glass the spectator selects. A neat framed glass with a metal hand indicator in its center. You set the hand at ANY POINT on the glass selected by the Audience and then proceed to punch a bodkin through at that point! The hand may be MOVED AGAIN, and the bodkin is punched through at the NEW POINT! REPEAT as many times as you like . . . then remove bodkin and GIVE ALL FOR EXAMINATION!!

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1 review for Deluxe Ghost Glass Penetration by Limited Edition Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    Based on a brilliant design by Richard Himber, Limited Edition Magic under the direction of Joe Long have come out with another winner. Joe even got compliments from the Magic Wagon team for this version. Great job Joe with this very clean and perplexing penetration.

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