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ESPecially WILD by Paul Hallas, Meir Yedid

(c. 1989) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: Destined to become a part of your act. This two-phase routine has to be seen to be appreciated. It leaves a powerful impact on your audience.

Two sets of colored ESP symbols are shown. You select an ESP symbol from your set and the spectator selects one from his set (Free Choice). They of course match. Stop right now and you have a miracle. But, this routine has a kicker. Using the freely selected symbol you magically transform all the other symbols into the selected one. Strong visual magic.

The innovations made in this routine make it twice as powerful as the classic Wild Card. ESPecially Wild gets away from all alike cards, which cause suspicion. ESPecially Wild gives you two effects for the price of one. ESPecially Wild gives the impression that the cards change to match a freely selected symbol.

This has tremendous impact on lay audiences. There are no difficult sleights and you should be able to perform it after ten minutes of practice.

Comes complete with ten specially printed poker-size Bicycle cards and photo-illustrated instructions. This latest printing has all the cards changing into green stars.

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Approx. Price: $20.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for ESPecially WILD by Paul Hallas, Meir Yedid

  1. ShadowMan

    A tip for Performers

    I have found that when you lay out the face up packet in a random order and then shuffle the face down packet, in addition to dealing it out in a random order, it helps sell the effect. Then the spectator cannot know the order of the face down cards and can concentrate on one while you remove all but one face up card. Then when there is a perfect match at the end it floors them. Not to mention the kicker after…
    Good luck and have fun with this one.

    P.S. It would be great, and am note sure if there isn’t a way, to have a couple different ending cards for us restaurant workers.. (hint hint)

  2. Andy Martin

    This totally wows them!

    I was performing this just the other night and had forgotten how utterly amazing it is to watch. I have been a fan of Wild Card for over 30 years and now I perform this instead.

    Although it requires the same basic moves as Wild Card, to the spectator more magic happens as they appear to mentally choose the card that eventually all the cards change to. Also, because you start of with 2 sets of 5 different cards it also seems a bit more amazing.

    Highly recommended!

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