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Corridor of Anubis by Francois Danis

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Effect: The magician shows 3 Egyptian chips with 3 different drawings, and a flat wooden tube. Each chip is from a different color. All the props can be examined by the audience.

The chips are allowed to pass through the tube several times . One end of the tube is held shut by the fingers of one hand. The chips are inserted in the opposite end in a particular order. Normally, the chips would be in the same order, when they were permitted to slide out the other end. But with the help of magic, the impossible happens!!! When the chips emerge, their order has changed, even if the opening of this flat tube is only large enough for one chip to slide through at a time.

A simple and very effective transposition effect done with splendid decorated props. The tube is made of African Mahogany, with an inlay pattern on its side.The chips are made of hard wood. All the props are hand-crafted.This item can be customized.

For the working magician and also for the average collector! Each set is numbered, signed, it comes with fully detailed instructions.

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Approx. Price: $150.00 (2006) ***

Notice: I am not a dealer and this item is not for sale on this site. It maybe available in the links below or at our sister site: qualitymagicsales.com, but not from here so please do not ask.
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1 review for Corridor of Anubis by Francois Danis

  1. Doug King

    Another winner!

    You might be able to tell by my other reviews… that I am a fan of Francois Danis work! This piece is another winner! Works perfectly… and beautifully handcrafted!

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