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Run Rabbit Run by Mak Magic

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In 1939 the Englishman Harry Leat invented what became one of the best and most enduring children’s effect of all time, to read more about the routine for this classic effect click here.

A solid version of this classic but the frame does not detach from the base so it does not pack flat. Also this suffers from the problem with most larger units, that it is difficult to make the rabbit move without showing some hand motions. This is why the smaller format is better for most children’s parties.

Effect: A cut-out Rabbit is taken from the magician’s hat and placed at one end, and performer says he will make it pass to the other end. Whilst he is talking the Rabbit is seen to creep across to the other end! Magician tells children if they see him go they are to call out and let him know. When they start to shout the Rabbit dashes back, and the children fairly hoot with laughter as they see him stealing from side to side of the frame! The door Is opened to show the rabbit really is still there, the magician tries again, but this time before he can get really started, a little rabbit’s head pops round from the far end of the frame. When the magician looks, the rabbit immediately vanishes. It’s a scream, and has the kids doubled up with laughter.

Now begins the game of hunt the bunny, and magician can make the tips of the ears shoot from one end to the other. The doors are constantly opened at each end alternatively, but the Rabbit is never located. Finally, all four doors are opened and they can clearly see right through the frame. The Rabbit has completely vanished! It Is finally located back in the magician’s hat or pinned to his back or a child’s!

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Approx. Price: $100.00 (1993) ***

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  1. Anonymous

    Good Quality item

    Good Quality Mak Magic Run Rabbit Run. Base does not remove from wall display so it does not pack flat.

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