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Farmyard Frolics by Edwin Hooper, Supreme Magic Company

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Effect: A folder made like a farm is shown – but there’s something wrong. The children soon tell you that all the animals are missing. Well , you find the animals and a whole lot of fun is created as , with the help 0f the children, you make the various animal noises!

As the story progresses one of the animals is supposed to disappear and appear in the farm – but it doesn’t! Finally, when is does disappear the audience think they have caught you out and know how it is done. NO! The audience are proved wrong and the animal appears in the farm . It pops into view and down again , but when you look for it the folder is still empty. A hilarious bit that is repeated as often as desired. Finally you DO see the animal am produce him from t:le folder 10 bring a wonderful routine to a close .

All the fun of “Stung” and the “Die Box” in one. PLUS many, many other outstanding features have made this a great CLASSIC of Children’s Entertainment. BEAUTIFUL PROPS. Cards, folder , cut -out etc. , are all beautifully designed and colored – they make the biggest “flash” you’ve ever seen .

Gorgeous and eye-appealing . Absolutely complete and ready to work, including the wonderful routine .

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1 review for Farmyard Frolics by Edwin Hooper, Supreme Magic Company

  1. Ploog Helmut

    I performed this trick many times for kids in Germany.
    It is especially nice because the kids can make the sounds of the animals, at the beginning the magician does it wrong, for the dog he says miau, miau, the kids immediately correct him etc. I changed ‘farm’ into the German word for it, which is ‘Bauernhof’

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