Edwin’s Magic – A Host of Surprises by Edwin Hooper

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Details: Edwin Hooper will go down in magical history as one of the greatest suppliers and creators of Magic. He shared the helm of Supreme Magic with Ian Adair and together they created a magical supply depot envied by all. Sadly, Supreme Magic is no more, but Edwin’s creative genus is with us in his writings.

A great book with tons of ideas; a wealth of information, gags, routines, effects for all occasions and for all age groups. A Host of Surprises has over 300 pages jam-packed with great material; everything explained so that you can entertain immediately.

Ideas for the Finger Chopper; Cut & Restored Rope; Silk Penetrations; Card Magic; Liquid Magic; Children’s Magic; Cabaret Magic; Close-up and Stage items and more!


3 Dedication
3 Thanks
5 About the Author
7 About the Illustrators

13 Introduction: “Second Wind”

15 Chapter One Tricky Rope Tricks
15 Randy Handy Ropes: long and short ropes and more!
22 Do As I Do Linking Ropes: linking ropes routine
27 Red Ropes — White Magic: one rope of three changes to white, is vanished, and appears between red ropes
31 Climax Cut and Restored: rope

37 Chapter Two King of the Kids
37 Hints and tips of the entertainment of children

47 Chapter Three Kiddie-Rama Part One
47 Hoppy: frog card and envelope routine
51 Blendo Pictures: four pictures blend into selected picture (no force)
55 Magic Papers: four papers blend into larger
57 Miss Muffet and the Spider: platform trick with surprise spider
63 The Rajah’s Jewel: vanishing and re-appearing jewel in turban
68 The Magic Scarecrow: with a balloon head
73 Fizzy Biz: Sucker trick with jumbo cards with drink pictures on them
77 Wiggly Wand: Ideas for a bending wand that was sold by Supreme
79 Flash Flowers: Platform trick
81 Little Indian: an Indian costume prop that can be worn along with a Crazy Compass arrow
85 Red White and Blue Mix-Up: rope routine

91 Chapter Four Kiddie-Rama Part Two
91 Farmyard Frolics: A children’s act with jumbo animal cards
98 Topsy-Turvey’ The Magic Clown: Platform illusion of magician to clown
103 Tulips from Amsterdam: Dutch boy and girl pictures change colors, and tulips are produced at the end
107 Funny Fotos: a full presentation for the children’s show

117 Chapter Five Cards With a Touch of Mentalism
117 Four-Thought: with a rough & smooth
120 Repeat Coincidence: simple no sleight routine
123 A Case of Colour: another with rough & smooth
125 Perfected Missing Card: card in red deck matches missing card in blue deck
129 Cut-up Cards: four card pieces are selected from many, and all match a single selection

131 Chapter Six Silky Things
131 Supersonic Silk on Sash: Silk appears instantly on a ribbon
135 Off-beat Blendo: a silk blendo apparently goes wrong
138 Four Square Blendo: another silk blend
141 Spectrum Silks: silk production from a glass

145 Chapter Seven Jumbos and Giants
145 Fortuitous Cards: four cards blend into Jumbo duplicate of selection
148 The Big Parade of the Kings: Selected King is only one reversed and different back color
152 The Kings Converge: Jumbo card prediction
155 Brain Buster: Poor man’s Brainwave deck
157 Jumbo-Maze: Stage version of a Nick Trost effect
159 Jumbo Follow the Colours: Black and Reds stay in sympathy with each other

163 Chapter Eight Micro Mysteries
163 “Catch”Coin Vanish: a juggling feat turned to magic
167 My routine with the Finger Chopper: Mickey Hades chopper
171 Notable Number: Magician gets the money
174 Convention Capers: a saucy packet card trick
177 Economy Chop Cup: from a disposable cup
180 Ugly Bug Ball: Bug cards find their pairs
183 My Improved (?) Routine: variation
185 Print-a-Wild Card: Edwin’s variation of Peter Kanes’s routine
188 Precariously Perched Pasteboards: balancing cards

191 Chapter Nine A Card In the Glass
191 My E-zee Method: With a mirror Card
192 Simplicity Card in Glass: sort of a palm move…
193 Goblin Glass: advanced version of above
195 Materialise: another vesion
198 Nu-Notion Card in Glass: yet another

201 Chapter Ten A Magic Miscellany
201 Budgerigone: vanishing parakeet
203 Miracle Impalement: Card selection stabbed on string
207 Rabbit, Rabbit, Where’s the Rabbit: packet effect with Jumbo Cards
211 The Absorbed Card Discovery: with an apparant glass of liquid
213 Cigarettes to Matches: fast change
215 Confetti Flash: card is ripped and mixed with confetti, when shaken card is restored
217 20th Century Cards on the Ribbon: Selections found on ribbon
222 Repeat Ball to Pocket: with multiplying ball

225 Chapter Eleven The Lucky Bran Tub
225 Jock — “Cock o’ the North”: humorous stage effect
227 Frisky-Whisky: Whisky to water and then a production
229 Clown Antics: card trick with a cone puppet
231 Fruity Trick: Apple and Orange transpo
233 “See-through”: Clear plastic card holder makes for clever prediction
237 “Figure it out”: Clever card folder can be used for variety of effects
340 Silk-Ball-Egg: silk appears in glass, then changes to ball, then a real egg appears
243 Bow-tie Trickery : a series of effects presented
244 Bow-wow: variation of flower in button hole
246 Glove — Wonderful Glove: Ideas for glove magic
249 Rabbit Return: a paper cut routine & ideas

253 Chapter Twelve Topping Tricks With Toys
254 The Screaming Skull: Ideas for a talking skull
255 The Little Magic Rabbit: idea for a color changing brooch
257 Auto-Magic-Trick: color changing toy car (needs special toy)
260 The Lighter Car: Car to lighter
261 Three Pig Surprises: idea for “pig” balls
263 Chick-Pea: Uses a clucking chick toy
265 Guzzling Granny: Finds the selected card
268 Tri-Colour Flash: Silk influences flashlight color

271 Chapter Thirteen Clearly Clairvoyant
271 Miracle Prediction: card prediction 
273 Ultimate One Ahead: with three predictions and tumblers
278 My Time is Yours: Clock routine with a toy clock and special bag

281 Chapter Fourteen Last In the Book
281 Hop and Skip and Jump: Jumbo card routine with elves
287 Russian Rhapsody: Bank note in nesting dolls
291 Improved Coin-Sation: clever handkerchief for a coin routine
293 Card in the Wallet Surprise: Three cards found using a special wallet, and jumbo cards
298 E-Zee Card to Wallet: using the above wallet
299 Devastating: Another use for the Wallet
301 Moaning Morry: Platform Jumbo Cards with a story

311 Curtain Call: final words

  • Publisher: Edwin’s Magic Arts
  • Pages: 313
  • Location: Bideford, Devon
  • Dimensions: 8″x10″
  • Date: 1990
  • Binding: hardbound

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