Fairy Tale Rabbit House by Abracadabra Magic

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In 1939 the Englishman Harry Leat invented what became one of the best and most enduring children’s effect of all time, to read more about the routine for this classic effect click here.

Effect: This is a brightly colored and well made larger version (23″ x 9″) from New Jersey magic supplier Abracadabra Magic (NMSI). This also has the rabbit rising from the left hand draw (a top-hat, which is a nice touch). It has the same problem that most large units have (except for Kovari’s Turbo Bunny) which is they are too large to move the rabbit around without some obvious hand movement by the magician, which detracts a little from the illusion that the Rabbit is moving without your knowledge. This is why I’ve always preferred the original Supreme version I used to use when I entertained kids as it fits in one hand easily and can be operated without any obvious motion by the performer.

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