Euston Ted by David De-Val

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Effect: He vanishes a silk! Oops! His leg falls off! Ah! The leg’s back! We just can’t think of anybody who won’t get a bang out of David De-Val’s classic, lovable little magical teddy bear, Euston Ted! It’s a natural for kids’ shows yet knocks the socks off the grown-ups as well! Ya gotta love him!!

Even though EustonTed appears to be just a cuddly little bear he is actually a skilled magician! He’ll vanish a silk right before your eyes! (No foolin’!) And the method he uses is so clever and so hilarious that you may even be tempted to expose it! Ted would probably be more famous but, Oops! Right in the middle of his act his leg falls off It is quickly replaced though, only to fall off again!

Finally, after several failed attempts to replace it, it is simply discarded-only to restore itself magically out of thin air! This hilarious and entertaining routine has been personally audience tested for years by the fabulous David De-Val and is now available to you. Magical, funny, plays big or small-what more could you want?

Comes complete with Euston Ted puppet gimmicked leg and all other props and materials along with David’s personal routine with patter.

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Approx. Price: $84.00 (1999) ***

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