Zero Squared by Danny Korem

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Effect: The performer fairly shows FIVE cards each with a HOLE in the center and another card with a SQUARE in its center. Now ala WILD CARD the performer touches the square card to a circle card and instantaneously it changes to a card with a SQUARE! This is repeated with the four remaining cards and EVERYTHING may be EXAMINED. The LAST TWO CHANGES are as close to real magic as they happen VISUALLY.

Only a few of the top card men in the country have seen the effect and all were floored having no explanation. No difficult sleights. Learn ZERO SQUARED in a couple of hours. You get all props and one of the best sets of instructions in the business with over 20 photos.

Oh yes…no switches, double facers, rough and smooth, etc., etc., etc…..some ideas at work from the guy who brought you the best seller THE ZIG ZAG CARD.

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