Jinks by Gordon Bean

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Effect: It’s funny how we get used to phrases in magic that don’t really make sense.
“Color change,” for instance. What we really mean is “card change”: even if, for example, an ace of hearts changes to an ace of clubs, the change from red to black is overshadowed by the actual change of cards. Jinks, on the other hand, features a fast-moving sequence of actual color changes, with both the back and face designs of a group of jokers staying the same as they bloom into full color. It’s the sort of thing a real magician would actually do–make something ordinary look extraordinary.

Since no table is required, and the cards can be reset openly, Jinks is perfect for strolling situations. Its visual appeal also makes it one of the few effects that can be enjoyed equally by children and adults (especially since the last card transformed may be handed out to any curious hands). Best of all, four of the gorgeously colored jokers included have standard blue backs and so may be used to enliven any trick using jokers–or to simply give any deck an added touch of style. Now, instead taking boring jokers out of your deck, you’ll want to add a couple of these great-looking ones!

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