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World’s Second Best Card Trick by Collectors’ Workshop

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A wonderfully entertaining effect created by Rich Bloch.

Effect: Performer has a card freely selected from a jumbo deck. Spectator glances at the card, memorizes it, and it is placed face down on the table before him. “Close your eyes and burn the image of the card into your consciousness,” intones the performer. As soon as the spectator closes his eyes, the performer very obviously switches the jumbo deck for a standard-size deck.

“Now, return your chosen card to the deck.” Spectator returns giant card to standard size deck. Says the performer, “Let me see if, through the exercise of my considerable powers, I can locate your card.” Performer removes one of the standard cards. “Four of diamonds?” Spectator indicates that this is not his card. Performer selects another standard size card. “Seven of Spades?” Spectator again says no. “Well, what the heck was your card?” asks the performer, now somewhat irritated. “King of spades,” says the spectator. Performer pulls the jumbo card from the deck triumphantly and turns it around. It is the Nine of Clubs. “I can’t figure it out,” says the performer, “I’ve never missed it before.” Spreading the rest of the standard-size deck before the audience, face-up, it is shown that all the standard-size cards are Kings of Spades. Performer looks at the cards, looks at the audience and says “Can you beat that? Every one of these is the King of Spades except one, and I had to pick the wrong one.”

All cards may now be examined. No sleights. The working is entirely mechanical and you are left just as clean as Uncle Harry. Good for close-up or stage.

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Approx. Price: $30.00 (2000) ***

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1 review for World’s Second Best Card Trick by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    One of the cheapest and best CW Effects!

    I love this effect. Simple premise, but with the right routine and a few of my own extras it is great entertainment and great mystery!

    It goes to show that CW does not have to charge you $3000 for a real winner!

    Check out the video for my routine!

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