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The (W)hole Thing (Jumbo) by Daryl

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This is a wonderfully amusing and confusing piece of magical entertainment that can be performed close-up for one person or on stage for a thousand!

Effect: Two hole cards and Two whole cards magically transform into …

  • …a spot card,
  • a card with a whole bunch of spots,
  • a card with a spot that covers the whole card,
  • and a spot card with a hole!

For a surprise finish, the final card is turned around to reveal the word “HOLE” written across the whole card! The snappy patter makes this hilarious whole routine make sense. No gimmicks, everything can be examined and the entire routine is instantly reset. Comes complete with: four specially printed and die cut 4.5″ x 7″ cards, heavy vinyl protection case, complete script, and a performance and explanation DVD.

Fooler Doolers presents The (W)hole Thing – in JUMBO size!

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Approx. Price: $19.95 (2009) ***

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