Vanishing Stack of Decks by Skip Daniels

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Effect: Vanishing Stack Of Decks may be the quickest, most visual card effect you will ever perform. It’s fun to watch, a blast to perform and will leave the audience with jaws dropped! Reach into your case and bring out a stack of seventeen Bicycle decks. “Wanna see a card trick with lots of cards?” Look around for a table to place the stack of decks. Suddenly, sixteen of the decks vanish! You are left holding only one deck! So, you open the box, take out the deck of cards and proceed with your favorite card effect.

Or, you can show the stack of seventeen decks, cover it with a silk, whisk the silk away and all but one of the decks has vanished! It looks so cool!

The Vanishing Stack of Decks is 100% mechanical, and really easy to do. You are supplied with the very special gimmick that does all the work for you. No pulls. No topits. No jacket required. You can do this one in short sleeves, inside, outside, in a living room, anytime, anywhere . Beautifully made, the gimmick will definitely impress you!

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Approx. Price: $25.00 (2004) ***

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