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Vanishing Deck (Ultra Slim) by Rob Bromley

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For a detailed history of the Vanishing Deck please go here.

Rob Bromley creates some amazing card gimmicks and this version of the Vanishing Deck was the first I encountered of this style of vanish and loved it.

Effect: The performer brings out a case which holds a pack of cards. The cards are taken out of the case, the card box is opened to show a pack of cards. The cards are replaced and the pack is put back into the case. Suddenly the whole pack vanishes together with the cards.

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1 review for Vanishing Deck (Ultra Slim) by Rob Bromley

  1. Tyler Downs

    Soooo many possibilities with this one!

    This item is really cool and effective. I use it to apparently vanish my regular deck of cards to have them appear elsewhere, when in fact this item allowed me to switch seamlessly to another trick deck (rising card, etc.) I would have given it 5 stars if it was sturdier; however, it is made of cardboard and can easily be damaged.

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