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Ultima Deck Vanish by Viking Mfg.

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This effect is a Viking original and quite different from the more common method employed by Robert Jackson here. It is a little harder to do and requires a little more nerve but it does allow you to use a full deck that can be used in an effect before the vanish.

(Notice: use your own hanky and “magic hand”, etc.)

Effect: A small mahogany box containing a deck of cards is displayed. The deck is removed and shuffled. A spectator is asked to select a card from among the 52, memorize it and return it to the deck, which the spectator shuffles. When he is sure that the card is lost within the deck, he places the entire deck into the card box and hands same to the Magi. Card box and deck are now covered with an 18″ silk hank, and held well above the table top.

All cards are again visible at this point. Magi states that he will shake the box, and ONLY the selected card will come out through the slit. Card box is again covered and shaken. Suddenly one card falls to the table, face down. Covered box is set down in front of spectator and for the first time, asked to name his card. The tabled card is turned over and it proves to be the selected card! “How was it done?” asks the spectator. “Easy!” … Spectator is asked to uncover the box and finds that the ENTIRE DECK HAS VANISHED! “When it’s the only card in the box to start with” … claims the Magi with a wink.

Routine is carefully designed to build up to SOCK-O finish. All moves have been trimmed so you AND your audience can enjoy the presentation. You do have to force a card, but we give you an easy, sure-fire PROFESSIONAL method.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $38.50 (2020) ***

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