Thief and Four Policemen by Marcelo Contento

(c. 1978,1992) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This effect is based on a routine from Roydon called Fantastic c. 1958. Marcelo talks about this in the introduction to the effect:

The principle on which this routine is based was created by Roydon, who utilized it in his trick entitled “Fantastic”. In May of 1974, while attending a meeting of the Argentine Society of Magicians in Buenos Aires (founded and conducted by Fu-Manchu), my friend Alberto Penso gave me a manuscript in Spanish describing a routine with two cardboard panels and a few cards. No credit for the routine was included in the manuscript, so I never knew who wrote it and I don’t think it was Roydon’s at the time.

I liked the basic idea and started to play with it. During this process I simplified the handling, added patter, made a few other changes and when I realized that the backs of three cards were never displayed, I developed an unexpected climax. I also decide to use wooden panels instead of cardboard.

I included the routine in my award-winning close-up act at the “Second Convention for Magicians” in Buenos Aires, in 1978. What you now have in your hands is the exact description of this routine. I hope you enjoy performing it as much as I have all these years.
Marcelo Contento – May 1992

Effect: A King and four Aces are put between two little wooden panels held together by a rubber band. The King repeatedly and mysteriously “escapes” from the Aces with a number of surprising variations, leading to a startling climax: the five cards are now FOUR KINGS and ONE ACE!!

The step-by-step routine with these beautifully made wood panels is complete with Patter and necessary cards (Note: Panels are 4 x 4 hand rubbed walnut and a delight to own). Also, once you own this set of panels, many other routines will come to mind. Roydon’s routine Fantastic is also included as a bonus.

All of the above routines do not involve any sleight of hand and makes the effect self-working.

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