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Target Practice by Jay Sankey

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For a few years this was my go to Wild Card effect but recently I’ve gone back to a more traditional version with normal cards as I’m not convinced lay people are as impressed with the target cards – since they don’t look like normal playing cards.

Effect: When I first saw Jay Sankey perform this effect, my eyes bugged out! It’s a wonderfully clever effect, that delivers a real twist on a classic plot. A visually striking effect to behold…and perform! You display a group of cards each with a target printed on its face. There is also a hole going through each card. Unfortunately, your aim was way off and the holes are nowhere near the target! With one exception…one card has a perfect bulls-eye.

With a magical flair, you begin to move each hole so that it is now located right in the center of the target! You repeat the process with each and every card, until all the holes are all perfect bulls-eyes! Who needs target practice, when you’re magician?

  • No extra cards or flaps to hide!
  • No difficult moves or advanced sleight of hand!

Includes specially printed and die cut cards custom produced on Bicycle card stock and full instructions.

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Approx. Price: $19.95 (2007) ***

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