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Atomic Aces by Alex Elmsley, Cards By Martin

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I purchased this effect from Ron MacMillan as a teenager and needed the cards remade in bicycle stock and Cards by Martin did a great job.

Effect: The four aces are removed from the pack, along with four spot cards. The aces and indifferent cards are clearly alternated in one face-down pile. Yet, with no other action, they separate, the aces collecting at the top.

The ace of spades and one spot card are then nominated as leaders for their groups. The other three aces are placed face-down behind the ace of spades, and the three indifferent cards behind their leader card. When the packets are switched, the cards magically conform to match the leader cards now before them. This is demonstrated several times.

Next the aces are laid out in a row, with the ace of spades above them, and three indifferent cards are dealt onto each. Though there is positively an ace in each packet, three of them cleanly vanish, and are found to have joined the ace of spades as its three accompanying cards.

This last effect is repeated under even more rigorous conditions. The ace of spades is this time buried face-up in one half of the pack and this is given to someone to hold. Indifferent cards are again dealt onto the other three aces and, though they are clearly seen in the packets, they vanish completely. When the spectator spreads through his packet he finds the vanished aces face-up with the ace of spades. This concludes the routine, and the pack can be examined, as there is nothing to find.

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1 review for Atomic Aces by Alex Elmsley, Cards By Martin

  1. Andy Martin

    The Classic Four Ace Routine from Alex Elmsley

    This was one of the four ace effects I learned when growing up, along with McDonalds Aces. Its a great effect!

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