The Complete Works of Derek Dingle (First Edition) by Richard Kaufman

(c. 1982) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Time Magazine has called Derek Dingle “…the greatest card manipulator extant,” and from his television appearances with Tom Snyder, Dick Cavett, Barbara Walters, and Mike Douglas to his many contributions to Genii, Apocalypse, The Pallbearer’s Review, Epilogue, and Innovations he has consistently proven Time to be correct.

Contents (From book ToC, updated May 2017):

vii Foreword (Harry Lorayne)
ix Foreword (Ken Krenzel)

1 Section One
1 Foreword
3 Cards Across: Licked as Last!
5 a la Kiga: two handlings
6 The DD Double Lift
8 Quick D-Way: Anneman/Christ Alignment Move, The D’Amico Change
11 Silver Quick
13 Standup Coins Through Table
15 Hofzinser BoTop Change
17 The Universal Card: Impromptu & Prepared handlings; Marlo Multiple Spread Cull, Packet Cut Force, Straddle Grip KM Move
23 Apparition Too
25 The Sorcerer Strikes
27 CutOff: Krezel’s Mechanical Reverse, Braue Reverse to Center
30 Elevator One: Sternanko Move, MacMillan Slip Cut, Fechter’s Pop-Over Move, Jennings’ Pinky Pulldown
33 The DD Paper Fold
34 Nest of Boxes I
35 Nest of Boxes II
37 The Wild Move: Elmsley Count Variation No. 1
38 Delightfully Deceptive: Variation of Vernon’s Strip-Out Addition, Skinner’s Block Pushoff Technique
40 DD on LJ’s Wild Card: The Altman Trap, Jennings’ Multiple Lift Technique
42 Impromptu Wild Card: Miller’s Block Outjog Technique
46 Gypsy Curse: Elmsley Count Variation No. 2
48 Outflushed: Impromptu & Prepared Handlings, Marlo’s ATFUS, Vernon’s Transfer Move
51 Supersonic Spades to Pockets
54 Well Twist – If You Insist: Hamman Slip Count Variation
56 On the Pass: Riffle No. 1, 2, Silent Pass, Silent Half Jiggle Pass, Classic Pass False Cut
62 Copper Silver Brass: Silent Steal
64 Riddle’s Aces: Vernon Utility Move
67 Ace Stounding: AFTUS Variation No. 1, Slip Cut Handlings, Tenkai’s False Face-Up/Down Shuffle, Throw Cut
70 The Bluff Shift
71 Open Says Me II: One Hand Pass Revelation
74 Fechter / Cummings / Dingle Aces
76 New Double Color-Changing Aces: Adding Palmed Cards to the Deck
78 Elmsley Count Technique
79 Illusion Aces; Practical Handling, Purist Handling, Partial Ascanio
83 Crack Card Switches: Over and Under Switch (four applications); NoLap Switch (three applications)
86 PegasAces: ATFUS Variation No 2, Variation of Lorayne’s Flying Ace Move
89 PegasAce Coin Production
90 Super Interchange
94 Slow Motion MacDonald’s Aces: Vernon’s Transfer Move (2nd Handling), Marlo’s Olram Subtlety
97 Optical Ace Assembly: Hammon’s Multiple Top Change Switch, Variation of Daley Switch – PushDrop
100 Slot Machine
103 Side Steal Placement: Color-Changing Any Card Speller, Sandwich Stuff
105 Peek Twist Diagonal Palm Shift
106 Too Many Cards
108 Through and Through Two
110 Inflation
112 The Collectors – Royal and Otherwise: ATFUS Variation No. 3
114 Elevator Two: Braue Reverse to Top, Thompson Turnover Multiple Shift
117 Super Card Rise
120 Super Floating Card
122 Quantum Coins Through Table: Flick Move
124 International Coins Through Table
126 Poor Charlie: Elmsley Count Variation No. 3
131 Grabbed Again
132 Fifty-Three Cent Assembly
134 Side-Cut Faro Stack: Faro Cut
135 Bill in Cigarette: Bill Switch
137 Three-Shuffle Zarrow Sequence: Zarrow Shuffle
139 Quadraconvincing Triumph: Tabled Slip Cut
140 Little Miracle: Two handlings, One-hand Slydini/Marlo Switch Variation
143 Mental Triumph
144 Four Poker Triumph
145 Progressive Triumph: Riffle Shuffle Transfer to Bottom, Vernon’s Shuffle Transfer to Top
147 Royal Triumph
148 Rollover Aces
149 Slip Force Handling
150 Sympathetic Cards
153 One-Hand Fan Force Technique and Outs: Shulien/Marlo Cardcase Load
155 Slow Motion Coin Vanish
157 Everywhere and Nowhere in the Air
158 Regal Royal Flush: Marlo’s Reverse Drop Sleight, Jordan Count
160 New Theory on Vernon’s New Theory Second Deal: One-hand (One Armed Gambler), Two-Hand, Two-Hand Stud, Top Change Take, SlapDown Change
164 Post It!: KM Move
166 The Bounce Change
167 Oil and Vinegar
168 Faro Shuffle Technique
169 Miracle Mental Spell
170 Card in Balloon
172 Technical Refinement of LJ’s Angle Palm Steal
174 Close-Up Card in Balloon
175 The Card Under Glass
176 Crystallized Coins Up Sleeve: Swing Down Substitution, Al Baker Steal
178 Complete Torn and Restored Card
181 A Case of Kings: Standard Lapping, Rosini Card Under Case Load, Card Thru Hanky Handling, Wilson/Marlo/Dingle Vanishing Deck Sequence
184 Combustible Cash
187 Restoration Assembly
190 The PickUp Move
190 The Four-Way Backfire Assembly: Variation of Bertram’s Steal, Bertram’s Sucker Vanish, PickUp Move Hand to Hand Transfer
194 Technical Variation of The Bertram Assembly: Bertram’s Card SnapOver
196 Deluxe Anytime Color Triumphant: Standup Sleightless Deck Switch, Tabled Double Cut
198 Two-Fisted Deck Switch
199 Color Triumphant II
200 Technicolor All Backs
202 Triple Color-Changing All Backs Aces
205 All Backs with Selection: Turning the Deck Over While Maintaining a Break
207 Master Poker Demonstration: Leipzig’s Swivel Cut
209 Double Color-Changing Deck
211 Four Coins and Counting
213 Elastic Illusion
216 The Derek Dingle Fabulous Jumping Card Trick

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg
  • Pages: 219
  • Location: Washington DC, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1982
  • Binding: hardbound

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