Perfect Prediction Deck by Wild Magic

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This is basically Al Koran’s Five Star Prediction from of the book by Hugh Miller: Al Koran’s Legacy (pg. 17), using the 1-0-1 Deck or the Five Star Miracle Deck and a Himber wallet.  Although this effect and the Five Star Miracle deck are often attributed to Al Koran the use of the the deck and Himber Wallet are most likely Harry Lorayne’s c. 1958.

Effect: You produce your business card wallet and state, “In this wallet is a playing card. I removed itfrom another deckjustprior to leaving home. I am committed to the card in this wallet and this is my prediction. ” The wallet is placed on the table in full view ofthe audience. A deck of cards is ribbon spread face up on the table so the audience sees that it’s a regular deck of cards. Square up the deck and hand it to an audience member to hold face down in dealing position. Ask them to begin dealing the cards face up offthe top of the deck onto the table.

The spectator is asked to stop dealing when ever they wish. The card that they stop at is noted and placed in the spectators breast pocked in full view ofthe audience. You state that you knew in advance what card they would stop at. You remove your classy looking business card leather wallet, open it and remove the one card. THE CARD IN THE WALLET MATCHES THE CARD THE SPECTATOR STOPPED AT!

Comes complete with Himber Wallet and Special Deck.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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