Maverick Card Trick (Jackport Cards) by Patrick Page, Harry Stanley

(c. 1955,1960,1973) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

I purchased my version of this effect from Ron MacMillan c. 1980 and it was called Maverick Card Trick by Patrick Page.  Ron took over Harry Stanley’s business and yet Harry Stanley advertised an effect called Jackpot Cards c. 1955 which appears to be the same effect and when Patrick Page started selling Maverick c. 1960 Harry even took out an ad in Abra referring to the “strange coincidence”.  My guess is that at some point Harry and Patrick came to an understanding … you have to love the magic business 🙂

Effect: A truly visible stage trick using extra large Jumbo cards. One of the top hands in Poker, a running flush, is displayed freely. One card is removed and immediately it is seen that there are now Four Aces. Entirely self-working. An entertaining routine comes with the cards, one of the most baffling of all giant card effects. No skill required. A good cabaret item.

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Approx. Price: $20.00 (1980) ***

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