Loop Hole Deck by Rob Bromley

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Rob Bromley from England only introduces one new trick per year, his effects are magic’s most ingenious gimmicked cards and decks made by any company in all of magic. The gimmick is undetectable in every aspect, and can even be used with many other effects. How Rob even manufactures this kind of gimmick card inside another gimmick card is hard to imagine. He’s been working on this for 3 months, and finally perfected the Bicycle Poker gimmick itself.

Effect: This is a penetration effect using a deck of cards with a hole through the top, with a card selected and returned to the deck. Then a shoelace is put right through the deck. Suddenly the selected card melts right through the Lace and is completely free of the rest of the deck! Loophole is a really strong effect! Comes with a blue Bicycle deck.

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