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Intercept by Harvey A. Berg

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Intercept is a mental card effect by Harvey Berg. This card effect is so strong that when people see it they think that the performer just got lucky.

Manuscript which explains a great mental card effect, imagine this:

Effect: You borrow a deck of cards and hand them to a spectator. Your spectator shuffles the deck and removes some cards. He then memorizes one card from his pile. The cards are replaced into the deck and the deck is shuffled. You now tell you spectator that you will try to intercept his thoughts as you run through the deck face up. Now with one or two innocent questions you manage to get his card! Remember the deck is borrowed and there is no force of any kind!

This effect is based on a Dai Vernon trick but with the new additions in handling it is far easier to perform. I was performing this effect with in one hour of reading this manuscript and have performed it ever since! This is a mental card miracle!

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