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Instanto Deck by Billy O’Connor, Doug Edwards

(c. 1919,2007) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This specially designed deck was invented by magician Billy O’Connor c. 1919. The great Cardini met him in England at Gamage’s Magic Shop where Cardini worked as a demonstrator. According to Cardini’s wife Swan, Cardini thought it was the greatest card trick he had ever seen upon its performance by O’Connor. Upon learning its secret, Cardini used it in his private close up shows and on cruise ships when he wasn’t doing his regular classical stage act.

During my many visits to Cardini’s home in Gardiner NY, I acquired several of the blue Bee brand decks Cardini constructed into Instanto decks. I also acquired the actual antique trimmers he used to trim these decks just for this effect. I feel the time is right for this effect to be re-released to the Magic Fraternity AND made to exact same specifications as his. There have been several attempts to market this deck in its proper fashion but failed as they were not made with the precision as the deck now in your possession. Several improvements are incorporated and revealed for the very first time.

Doug Edwards – April 2007

Effect: The effect is straightforward. A card is named and instantly cut to!! This is repeated as often as desired with great rapidity.

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Approx. Price: $49.95 (2007) ***

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