Watch the Coathanger by El Duco’s Magic

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Excitement, comedy and mystery! What more could you ask for in an effect!

Effect: Ask a spectator to assist. Explain that you are going to make an experiment with fire and in order not destroy his jacket you ask him to take it off and put it on a coat hanger “The experiment will show if your watch is fire proof or not and I do it free just for you. This is the hottest thing on the watch market today”, you explain. Ask him to sit down and introduce your “test equipment”. A fire canister with an elegant brass lid placed on a plate. Ask the spectator to hold it on his knee. The spectator’s watch is bummed! Now you ask for his wristwatch. Drop the watch into the canister and set it on fire! The flames come out from the canister and after a while you put the lid on. Imagine the spectator’s face when he sees his watch be consumed by the fire! Explain that the test is over. Take off the lid and pour out what once was his watch on the plate. Out comes badly burned watch pieces! “I am sorry, but your watch was not fire proof’, you explain. You offer him a paper bag and ask him to assemble the pieces when he gets home.

Here WATCH THE COATHANGER gives you the opportunity to put in many gags and good laughs. Watch(!) the Grand Finale!

Hold up the coat hanger and tell the spectator: “At least your jacket is undamaged. Remind me that I owe you a watch next time we meet. “But hold it: When he takes off his jacket HIS WATCH IS LINKED TO THE BAR OF THE COATHANGER! He has to unlink the watchstrap to take it off! WATCH THE COATHANGER is a REAL WINNER!

You get the very well made fire canister in metal and gleaming brass, the special made coat hanger and full instruction.

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