Instant Pro (Thought of Card in Wallet) by John Cornelius

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Effect: Magician hands the spectator a wallet. He then hands them a deck of cards and asks the spectator to mentally select any card. The card can signed if you wish, (card is now lost into the deck). You show your hands completely empty and take back the wallet. You then say, If Your Card is in my wallet, would that be a good trick?

You open the wallet and inside is a card. When the spectator turns over the card, it says …………. YOUR CARD.

You then say, Just joking, if I had a photograph of the card you are thinking of inside my wallet,would that be a good trick? When they say …. Yes, you remove a large laminated 52 on 1 card ( You know the one, that shows every card in the deck). After they quit laughing, you point to one card, and say……………………. Just kidding but isn’t this your card?

Here you NAME the mentally selected card. You then state The reason I could name your mentally selected card, is that I knew you were going to name that card, that is why I clipped it to the back of of my prediction!!!!! You then turn over your laminated prediction card, and clipped to the back is their mentally selected card!!!

Points to remember:

  • The cards are not marked or gimmicked.
  • Spectator can think of any card.
  • Spectator holds your prediction before you begin.
  • Wallet is totally examinable.
  • You name the thought of card!
  • It ends up clipped to the back of your prediction!
  • Wallet is totally examinable.
  • There is no palming, or sleight of hand!

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