High Visibility 52 On 1 Deck by Bob Miller

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Effect: Here is a new idea for the 52 on 1 card. It’s called the High Visibility 52 on 1 Deck. The 52 on 1 card is a great joke, but it has a problem: It is too small for an audience to see in a close-up situation. By the time that everyone figures out what is on the card, the joke has fizzled.

The High Visibility 52 on 1 deck offers you some unique advantages that were never available before:

  • A great joke that doesn’t fizzle due to low visibility. Audience can immediately see what is on the back of the card, so they get the joke right away.”No explaining is necessary.”
  • In the past, magicians had to use whatever card happened to be printed on the back of the 52 on 1 card. So magicians were forced to use one of a few pre-printed cards. Now, you can choose to force any card. Just remove the card that is needed and place it into an envelope.
  • There is no worry for table hoppers if someone sees the trick repeated because a different card can be used anytime.
  • The cards also come with a booklet containing 10 different tricks with this deck. The booklet explains how to use it as a marked deck, or as a prediction deck. It also explains how to get the most comedy from using a 52 on 1 card.

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