Half and Half by Nick Trost

(c. 1964,2005) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

From Nick Trost’s wonderful Card Magic of Nick Trost. The idea for this effect was inspired after reading an ad for Bob Bell’s “Miracle Mates,” marketed by Micky Hades in 1963. The routine given here is that of Stewart Judah’s, and the idea for making the perfect set of half-cards comes from Paul Swinford.

Effect: Two playing cards that have been cut in half (four half-cards) are shown. Two ofthe halves are placed together, forming one card, and the other two form another card. Now two of the halves are openly exchanged so that the cards no longer match. The halves are turned face down momentarily, then when they are turned face up again, the cards match. Again the halves are mismatched, and once more they mysteriously match up.

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