Ultra Cervon by Bruce Cervon, Stephen Minch

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Details: Cervon’s magic will strike your audiences like a bolt of lightening. The text and photos clearly explain everything you need to know in great detail, with telling tips and touches to help you get maximum reactions from your audiences. 

Here is a book which the inexperienced amateur – and the expert, too – can learn new tricks and techniques in the style of the professional performer. Over 250 photo illustrations explain step by step the development of the effect. No elaborate equipment is required to perform real miracles in sleight of hand.

The book is made particularly valuable by the helpful performance hints which are sprinkled throughout the text.” These are the actual methods used by Bruce Cervon in his performances the world over. He says, “This book is a comprehensive collection of professional magic presentations from my own repertoire. I am releasing this collection so that the fraternity can have my exact methods and handlings. It contains many items which I have zealously guarded for years.”

Included are:

  • Warped, a trick that fools everyone;
  • Free Turn Pass – a revolutionary pass technique;
  • Cut & Restored Rope – great method;
  • To Pay the Price – comedy poker demo …
  • plus much, much more!


Foreword (James Patton)
Introduction (Bruce Cervon)

1 Chapter One: Aces Again!
1 The Red – Backed Aces: covers the Elmsley Count, Erdnase Break, Jordan Count, and Olram Subtelty
9 Floating Aces: Aces rise to the top (Tilt)

17 Chapter Two: Long Routines
17 The Joker Trick and Four Dollar Confusion: Four cards change to Jokers, Aces
22 A Matter of Psychology: ambitious card
26 To Pay the Price: magician gets the four Aces

33 Chapter Three: A Castle Act
33 All Backs: card routine
37 The Conus Aces: more Aces
47 Repeat Aces to Pocket: spectator’s pocket

58 Chapter Four: Migrating Cards
58 The Fabulous Cards to Pocket
68 The BC Cards Across: signed selections pass from packet from to packet

77 Chapter Five: Warped
77 Warped: Card Warp, and with a Jumbo card
88 Warp II: another version

97 Chapter Six: Thanks to Koran
97 Hanky Panky: handkerchief and coins
107 Silent Flight: A ring flight

117 Chapter Seven: The Straddle Reverse
117 The Straddle Reverse: card move
119 Stand – in: Selection ends up reversed in deck
120 Alone Again: only one card reversed

125 Chapter Eight: Revolutionary Shifts
125 The Cervon Free – turn Pass
130 Two Free -turn Table Pass
130 The Free – turn Table Pass
132 The Longitudinal Free – turn Table Pass
136 The Patton Free – turn Side Steal
138 The Free -turn Bottom Palm
139 The Free – turn Pass as a Multiple Lift Substitute
140 Trick Applications for the Free – turn Pass
140 As an Ace Production
141 The Stop Trick
142 The Psychological Stop Trick
143 Free – turning Aces

149 Chapter Nine: Odd Half Passes
149 The Patton Half Pass
151 First Variant
152 Second Variant
153 Third Variant
155 The Free – turn Half Pass
157 The Retrograde Half Pass

159 Chapter Ten: Cut and Restored Rope Routine

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 177
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1990
  • Binding: hardbound

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