Small but Deadly by Paul Hallas

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Details: Small But Deadly is a reference guide to Packet Tricks that will have you running to your shelf of books to locate many of the references so you can rediscover many of these clever plots. Paul presents a history of packet card magic, with a discussion of many of the major themes, and provides pointers to the many variations and in which books you can find them. The work also includes well over a dozen packet tricks. The “tricks” are marked by an asterisk (*) below. 
Note: the contents listing below does comes nowhere near to mentioning every packet trick referenced in this book.

Contents (from book, updated 2017)

A Journey Back in Time: Earliest packet tricks
1 – DeLand’s Phantom Cards
4 – The Spotter: with suggested climax and variations

Still Chromatic* (Paul Hallas): 4 blank cards in envelopes become the selections

Charles T. Jordan: Jordan’s contribution to packet tricks
9 – The Phantom Aces: with the Jordan Count
10- The Princess Card Trick

12 U Can’t Do As I Do (U.F. Grant): or Faulty Follower
12 – Method*

15 Tricks You Can Count On
15 – Six Card Repeat (Tommy Tucker)
17 – The Homing Card (Tenkai)
19 – Edward Victor’s Eleven Card Trick

21 Rough Return* (Paul Hallas): Paul’s version of The Homing Card

23 Cards Up the Sleeve/To Pocket

26 Ten Card Poker Deal

28 Marlo’s Oil and Water

32 Bro. John Hamman Packet Tricks
32 – The Mystic Nine: Hamman Count
32 – The Twins: Gemini Count
32 – Flishtration: Optical Count/Flushtration move
32 – Fantabulous & Others

34 Alex Elmsley
34 – The Four Card Trick: The Elmsley count

36 Tipsy Cards (Oliver Mackenzie): uses nine cards as four; drink tricks

38 Roy Walton’s Oil and Queens and Other Packet Tricks
38 – Oil and Queens
41 – Cascade
42 – Card Warp

44 Wild Effects and Peter Kane
44 – Wild Card or Watch the Ace
45 – Jazz Aces, Shrinking Card Case
46 – The Hungarian Guessing Game or Gypsy Curse
51 – The Elongated Lady
52 – The Court Jesters

53 Vernons and the Twist
53 – The Princess Card Trick
53 – The Queen’s Soiree and Jack Pot
54 – The Last Trick of Dr. Jacob Daley
56 – Follow the Leader
56 – Twisting the Aces
58 – Explicit vs. Implicit Effects
60 – A Short Technical Interruption*: Paul’s handling of a Twisting effect
62 – Backflip and more Twisting Routines

65 Turnover Cards* (Paul Hallas): a Twisting effect with business cards

67 The Universal Card Plus Routine
67 – Karl Fulves in The Pallbearers Review
67 – Mendoza, Colombini, Cervon, etc.

69 A Universal Card Routine* (Paul Hallas)

72 The Gold Years’ Main Players: the 1970’s
72 – Emerson & West with Flipped Out, Color Monte, Soup to Nuts, etc.
77 – Nick Trost Range

80 Phil Goldstein Packet Tricks
80 – Full ircle, Rapid Transit, Circus, etc.
81 – B’Wave, Tossed Salad
82 – Goldstein’s Focus

83 Larry Jennings and Bruce Cervon
83 – Reinhard Muller’s Escorial ’98 Larry Jennings
83 – Bruce Cervon’s Cervon MOnte, Dirty Deal, etc.

85 Magic Ronnay Packet Tricks: Ronnay Rosensteiner
85 – Sympathetic Cards, Camouflage, Know Fu-ling, etc.

87 Peter Duffie Packet Ticks
87 – Poker Phase
87 – Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet
87 – Others, etc.

89 Clone Zone* (Peter Duffie): one of Peter’s favorite routines described

92 Walt Maddison
92 – Boomerang and Omega in Spades
92 – The Sting

94 Walt on Walton* (Walt Maddison): full description

97 Exodus* (Walt Maddison): packet trick can be used for publicity

99 Stephen Tucker
99 Chameleon Cards, Forgery, Ommega, etc.

101 Between the Lines* (Stephen Tucker): comic ESP test

103 Three Card Tricks
103 Commentary on Three Card Monte as magic
103 Ken Krenzel’s Sluggard’s Monte
104 Ken Brooke, Pat Page, Rudy Hunter, Edward Victor, Jose de la Torre, etc.
105 Jim Temple’s Color Monte
106 Mondo Monte, Mirror Monte Gypsy’s Monte, etc.

107 Jumbo Packet Effects
107 The Challenge of Jumbo Cards
107 Chase The Ace and similar
108 Pat Page The Maverick Card Trick
109 McComb’s McCombical Deck led to Jumbo Jest
109 Others
110 Lost Effects

112 The World’s Oddest Card Trick* (Martin Lewis): close up version of Martin’s The Very Odd Card

116 From Big Time to Small Time: transitioning a full deck effect to a packet trick
116 Al Baker’s Ambitious Card and it’s packet versions
117 All Backs Routines
117 Cheek to Cheek self-righting cards and variations
117 Triumph verions for packet
118 Color Change

119 Packet Printing Effects
119 Duffie’s Clone Zone; Duvivier’s Printing
119 Lee Grey’s Factory Rejects
120 Wagner Factory Misprints, Goldstein’s Printer’s Demon, etc.

122 Not Another Three Card Trick* (Paul Hallas): a printing card effect

125 Re-Set and Packet Transpositions
125 Paul Harris’ Re-Set and off-shoots – with credit to Hamman

128 Assemblies
128 MacDonald’s $100 Four Ace Trick and variants
129 Paul Hallas’ Approach*: briefly described
129 Hamman, Lin Searles, John Bannon, etc.
130 Progressive Ace Assembly by Ken Krenzel, and others
131 AChangeofAddOn*: adding three cards above the Aces for assembly effects
131 Invincible Stuff: Open Travellers or Invisible Palm plot

134 Mental Magic Packet Effects
134 Leipzig’s Princess Card Trick, Vernon’s Five Card Mental Force
134 Basic Multiple Out*
134 Some Multiple Out Packet Tricks
135 Larry Becker’s Will the Cards Match and other matching effects

137 One of Four* (Paul Hallas): a force
139 The Fortune Force* (Paul Hallas): forcing one of about 10 cards
142 Two of Five Force* (Paul Hallas): forcing of of two possible outcomes from a set of 5
144 Millionaire Rummy Economy Version* (Paul Hallas): spectator could win many prizes but wins a round of applause

146 Bizarre Packet Tricks
146 Ken de Courcy’s Luck of Lucretia
147 Bruce Elliott’s Bluebeard’s Seven Wenches, Al Spackman’s Voodoo, T.A. Waters Alexicon, and others

149 Cartoon Packet Effects
149 For Children, for Adults Only, for Humor, or Bizarre
150 Ken Brooke & Juan Tamariz’ Tamariz Rabbit and other rabbit tricks
150 Close’s Clones
151 Early Cartoon Packet Effects

153 The Vain Queen* (Mark Townsend): a story packet trick about a Queen
156 Vampire Dawn* (Paul Hallas): a vampire story
158 The Beautiful Witch* (Paul Hallas): homely witches change their looks
160 Paul’s Bread and Butter Trick* (Paul Hallas): variation of Oil & Queens
163 The Monster Mash* (Paul Hallas): version of MacDonald’s Aces with pictures of monsters and blank faced cards
167 The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye* (Paul Hallas): packet trick with blank cards and cards with picture of hands on them

169 Oddments: tips and hints
169 – Three and a Half of Clubs
169 – Jim Steinmeyer’s Nine Card Problem

171 The Sensible Use of Packet Tricks: essay
173 The Top Ten Packet Tricks: by informal vote
174 End Words

  • Publisher: H&R Magic Books
  • Pages: 174
  • Location: Humble, TX, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 2005
  • Binding: hardbound

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