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Deland’s Dollar Deck (Automatic Deck) by Theodore L. DeLand, Adams

(c. 1913,1919) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Most people know this as DeLand’s Automatic Deck because that is what it has been called since 1919 when S.S Adams began to sell it. I used to perform with this deck all the time as a teenager and loved it!

Effect: The “Automatic Deck” contains a secret marking system, giving you the ability to know a card without seeing its face! The deck is also “tapered” (a Stripper Deck) giving you the ability to control a card or groups of cards by touch alone; anywhere in the deck! To top it off, this deck has yet another secret marking system giving you the ability to instantly name the location of any card!
The ideas and design of this deck were created by Theodore L. De Land in the first decade of the 1900s. More than 100 years later, De Land’s marked deck and his other magical inventions continue to fool audiences … and even the most discerning spectator.

  • A marked deck, a stripped deck, and a stacked deck. 3 magic decks in one!
  • You can instantly pull a pre-selected card from a shuffled deck!
  • You can name the location of every card in the deck!

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Approx. Price: $10.00 (1980) ***

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