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The Gallows by GL Magic

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Effect: The Gallows is one of the most amazing props  …  look closely at the innocence of the prop … a wood block, wood pole, a nail, a piece of string, and a light bulb hooked to the string … but yes, you can light the bulb.

All you need to do is pass a light under the bulb and it lights:a small flashlight, a match, even a D’Lite. When you simply blow on the bulb, it swings out of the photo ray circle and the light goes out.

I thought of a trick with blank cards and a photo printing idea but the uses are endless, especially for the mentalist.

Goodness knows who is lighting that light … the electronics are contained in the base and accessed by taking off one of the legs..this comes with an AC charger for recharging the unit.

This is an electronic marvel.

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Approx. Price: $300.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for The Gallows by GL Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    Very nice – but what do you do with it?

    Well this is a very nicely made effect – bulb hangs from the string and you bring a light, match, or any light source close to it and the bulb will light up. Then a blow on the light and it goes out again. The unit can be examined and nothing can be seen to give it away. However, the problem I have with it is what do you use it for? Any ideas out there?

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