Color Changing Card Case by J.B. Magic

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Effect: The effect is quick and visual. It’s amazing to watch and fun to do. And, it looks like real magic! Bring out a pack of Bicycle poker-size cards. The card box is red. Explain that this is a very odd deck because inside the red card box is a blue-backed deck of cards. Strange that the card company would make this mistake. Remove the cards and place them on the table. Offer to fix the card company’s mistake. Hold the card box in your hand. In the blink of an eye, the , card box changes from red to blue! It happens so fast they just won’t believe their eyes! But, there it is. Red to blue in a wink.

The Color Changing Card Case is 100% mechanical. If you can hold the box, you can perform the trick. If you like card magic, this is a must-get effect. Imported from England,

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Approx. Price: $15.00 (2001) ***

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