Bolted Deck by Paul Lembo

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Effect: A wonderful blend of two outstanding effects that create a very nice routine! Take a deck of cards out from your pocket. Two holes have been drilled completely through the box and deck. Comment on how these are cards that have been taken out of play after a very serious poker game, much like the casinos do with used decks. Next, take a ribbon from your pocket or borrow a spectator’s shoelace.

Thread the ribbon through the larger center hole not once, but twice. Take hold of the ribbon as the deck sways from side to side. On the command of a spectator, the entire deck melts right through the ribbon! Visual magic at its best!

Give someone the deck and ribbon. Have them remove the cards, give them a mix and then return the deck to you. Have the person select a card; an absolutely free choice! They can sign the card if you wish. Lose the card into the deck and place the deck back into the case. At this point you introduce a nut and bolt. Have the spectator thread the ribbon through the small hole in the deck whilst you hold the cards. Next, you screw the bolt through the deck and have the spectator affix the bolt with the nut. With the spectator by your side, have them hold the ribbon from it top so the deck just kind of hangs suspended in an inverted position. You open the flap of the box and with empty hands you reach into the case and pull down a single playing card. It is the signed card belonging to the spectator and it is in perfect condition!

An impossible routine with a bit of comedy, drama, and of course fun!

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