BareFaced Brainwave by Ian Adair, Supreme Magic Company

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Effect: A truly novel effect I A New Conjuring classic born from an old one. The magician removes from its case a pack of cards which he fans out and freely shows on both sides to be absolutely blank …. yes, just ” 52 plain blank pieces of cards”,

He requests a spectator to imagine that he holds a regular printed pack of cards in his hands. He asks him “to shuffle the cards and then to remove one card from the pack and hold this one card for all to ‘see’. He has a perfectly free choice and he ca n change his mind, if he wishes I”

Spectator is asked to take his invisible card and to throw this towards the double blank pack which the magician holds. The magician explains that, in fact, he has caught the card and this is now among the blank-cards I He immediately fans out the blank cards and, strange to say , it is seen that there is now one printed face there …. It is the chosen one!

The card is removed and shown to be fully-printed with a front and a back . The remaining cards in the pack are still blank!

Magicians to whom we have shown this effect have been stun ned by the fact that the cards are immediately fanned out to show the appearance of the chosen card. The location seems instantaneous

Very easy to work. Even if you have never enjoyed working a pack of this type before, you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise when you perform Barefaced Brainwave, for the routine has been so cleverly worked out giving you audience participation, a great Surprise finish and making the execution of the effect just sheer simplicity.

Barefaced Brainwave comes complete with cards, ready to work right away.

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