AlphaTized Alphabet Deck by Lee Earle

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Alphabet cards have lately been harder to find than honest politicians. Now, they are available again – but this time as casino quality playing cards!

  • AlphaTized is a 54 card, poker sized deck with the twenty-six letters in a rich black and the twenty-six lower case letters printed in a soft-tone 80% (grey). One of the extra cards is double-backed while the other is printed to show how to find the markings.  Featuring the customary index “pips” for easy card location in a fan, spread, or peek, these gorgeous cards are imprinted with Lee Earle’s Demon Deck parody back design (blue only).
  • AlphaTized has a One-Way Back with features the letter from the face of the card secretly hidden within the scrollwork and the back design and another hidden letter which indicates the prior card in a random order, circular alphabet stack. The final added extra is a clever one-way variation you can see from across the room – when you know where to look.
  • AlphaTized is Lee Earle’s brand new, custom designed, high quality product, packaged and printed by one of the world’s major casino playing card manufacturers. 

Effect: A pack of alphabet flash cards, both upper and lower case letters, is fairly mixed by multiple participants in the front row, then returned to the performer. As the mixing is being accomplished, the performer speaks of memory, forgetfulness, and recall.

After collecting the mixed cards, he asks a pair of participants to join him on the platform, one person taking about half the thoroughly shuffled deck, with the second person receiving the remainder. The performer looks quickly at either set, ‘memorizing’ them and, by a process of elimination, those in the other set.

Then, as the Mentalist calls out the letters of the alphabet, he indicates which person holds each named card – which is removed from that person’s packet and dropped to the floor.

The performer continues naming letters and pointing to the person who holds (and discards) each one – never missing – until the last 26 cards are named and pointed out in reverse alphabetical order.

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