SYZYGY (Vols. 1-5) by Lee Earle

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Details: SYZYGY – The First Five Volumes is the most important Mentalism book of the new millennium and qualifies for instant inclusion on everyone’s ‘five foot shelf’.

Mentalism has a colorful history of cutting edge periodicals such as The Jinx, The Invocation, and Magick – and since 1995, SYZYGY has been the premier publication for Mentalists. Editor Lee Earle screened thousands of potential contributions to give subscribers the very best in Contemporary Mentalism.

Now the first five volumes are reproduced in a single, hard cover book! The index alone fills ten pages, listing material by category, contributor, and ­ in the table of contents ­ by title.

This is a hard bound, 466 page, 8.5 x 11 inch format book (with dust jacket).

Plus, all the graphics that original subscribers would scan or photocopy from the issues to use in routines are included on a CD-ROM!

Over 200 routines Impromptu – Close-up – Platform 80 pages of Professional & Promotional Supplements More than 400 photos and professional illustrations

“A Who’s Who list of contributors.” – Bruce Bernstein

Alberstat, Paul Albright, Gregory Anderson, Erik Arch, Dave Archer, Danny Ashton, David Asselin, Michel Atkins, Victor Ray Banachek Barlow, Norman Barry, Pierre Becker, Larry Bergeron, Bev Bernstein, Bruce Biss, James Blackie, Richard Bonneau, Ron Boucher, Jean Boudreau, Leo Bowden, John Brannum, Allen B. Budden, Morley Burke, Eddie Burmeister, David Caldwell, Christopher Campbell, Lance Carbonnier, Yves Carlyle, E. Raymond Christopher, Jason Clarke, G. Allen, Jr. Curcillo, Joseph, III Cuthbert, James de Clermont, Pascal Dean, Jack Dee, Dave Devine, Tony Dewey, Herb DiResta, Diane Dubin, Burt Earle, Lee Edward, Mark Faria, Christopher Fossgreen, K.H. Franchino, Sal Garetz, Mark Gargano, Ciro Gentle, Thomas Godfrey, Terry Goforth, Chase Goldstein, Phil Gordon, Max Grady, Ken Green, Lennart Green, Paul Grismer, Ray Grocki Hawley, Samuel Hickok, Chuck Hilford, Docc Himelrick, David Hurlburt, Chris Johnson, Ross Juris, Dr. Karmilovich, Ted Kent, Tony Keyser, Earl Kirkendall, George Kite, Graham Knepper, Kenton Korvo, Boris Kralin, Ty Kuffs, Patrik Laub, Denny Lesley, Ted Leviss, Andy Levitt, Irene Lovecraft, Lynda Madhok, Raj Marelli, Lee Marino, Joe Mark, Richar Martyn, Bruce McCahon, Peter Michaels, Steve Miller, Dusty Minch, Stephen Morgan, Max Mosier, T.J. Nelson, Travis Nosek, Terry Nu, Alain Orleans, Danny Osborn, Darrell Osborne, T.J. Pacific, Paul Parrett, Terry Peak, Russ Perrino, Pasqual Poncher, Jeffery Renfro, Derek Reynolds, Quentin Richardson, Barry Riggs, John Rosenbaum, Fred Sabitino, Vincent Salem, Marc Santow, Mona Schwabe, Ken Shaw, Randy Shemin, Orin Shoemaker, Scott Slater, Doug St. James, George Stammers, Peter Steiner, Dick Stone, Tom Strivings, Mark Terelmes, Daniel Theiss, Christian Titon, Jean-Claude Urban, Gene Waller, Robert Ward, Gary Wardle, Chris Watson, Brian Webster, Richard Witt, Wittus Wolf Woodside, Lee Wuorio, Jim Zingg, Allen Zver


* Selected as material for the SYZYGY’s BEST! lectures
+ Quarterly Supplement professional development articles

XIII About the Editor
XV Foreword

1 Volume One
1 Slow-Motion Gellerism
1 Object D’art
3 Give the Lady Credit
5 A State of TASTE
6 Positive Negative
7 The Telephonic Oracle
9 Bottle Capper
10 Clip Sheet
11 Tarot-ized
13 Synaptic Symbols
14 Mind Drive
15 Please Be Seated
18 oLinguistic Deception
21 *Guessin’ Gumballs
22 Guidichar
23 Destination Earth
25 Crystal Dust
26 Body Part
27 Psi-Touch
29 The 68th Parallel
30 TopoLogo
33 *Destiny’s Destination
34 One Point Five
35 Vested Interest
37 Tarot Tin
38 Graph-ometery
39 Elemental Assembly
41 No-Brainer Q & A
42 *Deep Sea Digits
43 *Keys Royale
45 Child’s Play
46 News-Wordy
47 Kid Vision
49 *Running the Numbers
50 Mystero
51 Five Cast
54 +Nuggets of Knowledge
57 The Really Real Prediction
58 Double Dowsing
59 Future’s Window
61 The Fortunate Cookie
62 Domestic Deception
63 The Grand Master Gambit
65 Twisted Psyche
66 *The Himelrick Maneuver
69 +SYZYGY’s Style
70 +Junction
71 +Looking Forward
72 +Submissions Policy
73 Poster
74 Keys Redux
75 Stickum Up
77 The Polygraph Pack
78 Aura-Matic
79 Time Out!
81 Dark Corner
83 Intuitive Flash
85 +The Coffee House Psychic

88 Volume Two
89 Not By Chance
90 Money In Your Pocket
91 Clear Cut Choice
93 Kismet’s Journey
94 Touch Technique
95 *Dream Design
97 Monte Logo
98 Nada Clue
99 Go Weigh
101 *Quintuple
102 Half Hearted
105 Four Way A-Hoy
106 Wax The Facts
107 Ultimate Psychometry
109 Payday
110 Hands of Time
111 Presentation 3
113 +How to Make and Tell Fortunes
117 Unleaded Par-Optic
118 Chinese Menu
119 A Savory Tip
121 BilloZoBetter
122 Mind Flight
125 Mental Murmurs
126 Gambler’s Recall
127 Duplicitous Business
129 Pin-Up Postcard
130 Double Divination
133 +What’s Her Makeup?
134 +KOLD Radio Readings
137 Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!
138 The Two Martini Hunch
139 Wanderlust
141 Witch-Fork
142 Affinity
143 Korano Blanco
145 Greeked!
146 PSImpathy
149 *Bold & Beautiful Prophecy
150 Four on a Date
151 Blow Out the Candles
153 +The Secret Circuit
157 Technicolor Trio
158 Picture Show
161 Melts in Your Mind
162 *The “IQ” Chart
163 Verbal Influence
165 The Shape of Things
167 Tarot Telepathy 2000
169 Mind Over Body
170 Einstein’s Tarot
171 *Whenever – Anywhere
173 +Postcard Promo

176 Volume Three
177 *Deli Delight
178 Number-voyance
179 Spiritual Attraction
181 Boris and Natasha
182 Penta-Preview
183 Double Delight
185 Dream Scheme
187 Place Setting
189 Scents and Sense
190 Safely Sealed
191 By the Numbers
193 Cold Readers
194 Dowsing Duplicates
195 Do Not Pass Go!
197 *Midway Dream
199 *Option Call
201 Minefield
203 Carded!
205 Juris Prudence
206 *The Compelling Key
207 Reigning Cats and Dogs
209 +Cold Reading Demographics
213 Golden Year
214 Poor Man’s Room Service
215 Testy
217 +Graphology Goldmine
221 Digit Eyes
223 Veg-a-Mental
225 Lightning Thot
226 A Table for Two
227 Walk of Fame
229 The Four Pattern Ploy
230 *Par for the Course
233 +Mindblowing Psychic Readings
237 Kidz Kardz
239 Local Attraction
241 In Search of Truth
242 The Telltale Timber
245 Turning the Tarot
246 *Emergency Mentalism
249 The Fool That Tricked Einstein
250 Roll Tape!
254 +Mindblowing Psychic Readings, II
257 The Ziploc Gizmo
258 Practice Contact
259 A M-I-N-D for This & That
261 Pro Fabulation
263 *This Gift’s for You

264 Volume Four
264 Time is of the Essence
267 PK Pins
269 Puzzling Perception
271 The Silent Word
273 Time Will Tell
274 Zodiesque
277 +Marc Salem’s Mind Games
281 Life Force Triangle
282 Opus Conversam
285 The “X” Cards
286 Psychic Jeopardy
289 Chip Shot
290 Tangled Web
293 Key to Success
294 *The Tender Touch
295 Clean Sweep
297 Eye PSIght
299 Picture Perfect
301 See-Thru Psychometry
303 Tourist Trap
305 oHow to Handle Difficult Audiences
309 Common Cents
311 Tossed Out Trio
313 Time Matches On
315 Token Psychometry
317 Telepathic Honeymoon
318 Brain Book
321 +Dealing With Disaster
325 World Tour
327 Enlightened Company
329 *Tip of the Tongue
331 The Sidekick Network
333 Channel Change
334 Petronym
335 Future Diet
337 *Corner Pocket
339 The Einstein Enigma
341 Impression
343 Ognib
345 oEssentials for Excellence
349 Think Psychic

352 Volume Five
353 *Mentalism Goes Postal!
357 Actions Speak Louder
359 Compatibility
361 Intuitive Eye
363 Hearsay
365 Voodoo Lou
367 Stamp It Out
369 Digital Kicker
371 For Whom the Bell Tolls
373 PK Under Glass
374 LEXIcon Revisited
377 The Freudian Reading
379 *Two On The Aisle
381 Spycraft
383 Lucky Star
385 +13 Secrets For Killer Marketing Materials
389 Bit on the Backside
390 Oddly Even
391 $005 Quickie
393 +Generating Powerful Testimonial Letters
397 Spoon Fed
398 The Omniscient Oracle
399 Canasta Revisited
401 Credit Check
403 Cassette Deck
405 *Beat The Machine
406 Capital City
407 Hindsight
409 Zennercycle
411 Changing the Game
413 Sense of Intuition
414 Colored Judgement!
417 *Minding the Mint
418 It Takes Balls
421 Cast in Stone
423 Graphis Acidus
425 *Post-It Parapsychology
426 Go For The Jugular
427 Party Partners
429 *Post-Prognostication
432 Hiatus

441 Index by Name
444 Index by Category

  • Publisher: SYZYGY Press
  • Pages: 450
  • Location: USA
  • Edited by: Lee Earle
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2003
  • Binding: hardbound

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