54 Locator Deck by Mimesis Magic

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Effect: A deck of cards is handed to a spectator to freely shuffle (“until the cows comes home”). A card is freely chosen (no forces of any kind). The card is placed back into the deck (anywhere: no controls) the deck is once again freely shuffled by the spectator. Immediately you, as the Magician or Mentalist are able to locate the chosen card.

Effect: The spectator thinks of any card (no forces, no outs) but does not reveal the name of the card. The deck is freely shuffled (by the spectator). The cards are spread on the table or close-up mat. You as the Magician or Mentalist, turn your back. You instruct the spectator to remove his thought-of-card. The deck is squared and cut. The chosen card is placed anywhere in the deck by the spectator and the spectator freely shuffles the cards. Immediately you, as the Magician or Mentalist are able to locate the chosen card.


  • This is not a Marked Deck. I forgot to mention: The backs of all 54 cards are blank – pure white, no designs. No smears or daub used. Once you know the secret, you can use your own preferred back design – any brand. I use a blank deck to eliminate any idea of a marked deck. The Killer Effect as describe above,(when using a regular-backed deck) eliminates the marked deck theory also. Again, the backs of the cards have nothing to do with this effect.
  • This is not a Stripper Deck. The shape of the cards have not been altered in any fashion. No cut corners, no angel cuts, no shaving. No short & long cards.
  • This is not a Forcing Deck: All 54 different face cards are used. No duplicates used. The effect can be preformed immediately with no reset.
  • This deck uses no chemicals. No rough & smooth used. Nothing has been applied to the cards.
  • Nothing to memorize. No stacking of the deck. No controls. No sleight of hand needed. The deck does 98% of the work.
  • Each and every card is it’s own “locator card”. No crimps, no bends, no nicks or no glimpse used — no “work” has to be put into the cards. No key-card method used. You don’t need to know any location of any card. The selected card is never known until it’s placed back into the deck and freely shuffled.
  • This deck can be used to immediately perform other routines or can be used to simply play cards with. The deck can be examined.

This deck uses a very, very old principle with a new creative twist. This new application causes knowledgeable Magicians to have a “brain freeze” when trying to figure out the method. I’ve used this effect for 11 years and the puzzled response I get from fellow Magicians is: “Do it again”.

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