The Very Modern Mindreader by Richard Osterlind

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Details: The Very Modern Mindreader was the first publication from Osterlind Mysteries and was a huge success. Over time, Richard has improved on many aspects of the material.

This 10th anniversary edition of our classic work has been enhanced considerably. The line drawings have been replaced with crystal-clear photographs and much of the text has been modernized for greater understanding.

In addition, Richard has added the chapter, Very Modern Dynamite, a revolutionary new idea incorporating principles from George Anderson’s Dynamite Mentalism into the routine. This makes The Very Modern Mindreader routine not only much more inexplicable and mysterious, but suitable for any size audience! You will love it!

The Very Modern Mindreader routine gives you the power to divine information sealed in envelopes by audience members with no gimmicks whatsoever – in fact, all of the elements may be left with the audience. This is reputation-making material, suitable for all venues from close-up to platform.

There are also additions to the other fabulous routines in the book including Richard’s innovative ESP Card Calling which uses the Osterlind ESP card system to its maximum effect! You will learn why this is so much different than similar routines. Then there is a wonderful prediction finish that can be used whenever you want!

Also included are new ideas and illustrations for Steno ESP, which has become a standard part of many mentalists’ repertoires. The handling is now made totally deceptive and easy to do.

We were always proud of The Very Modern Mindreader – but now we are even prouder!


Page 7 The Very Modern Mindreader
Page 17 The Osterlind ESP Card System
Page 21 StenoESP

  • Publisher: Richard Osterlind
  • Pages: 26
  • Location: Falmouth, KY, USA
  • Dimensions: 5″x8″
  • Date: 2002
  • Binding: softbound

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