Digital Feedback by Richard Osterlind

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Effect: Richard Osterlind’s DIGITAL FEEDBACK takes the traditional add-a-number routine into the 21st century.

Imagine two groups of spectators, each multiplying two 2-digit numbers on a pocket calculator to arrive at a totally random 4-digit number. The performer writes a prediction and sets it aside. He then begins to slowly reveal the numbers that make up the 4-digit products arrived at by the spectators. The mulitplication is then done by longhand to show that the calculator’s products were correct. For the mind-numbing finish, the two products are added together and found to match the performer’s prediction.

This routine, originally featured in Osterlind’s Dynamic Mysteries, has not been widely performed due to the difficulties in obtaining the proper apparatus. Now, with DIGITAL FEEDBACK, you’ll be able to add this powerful routine to your own show.

You receive the very special scientific calculator, hand-modified by Richard Osterlind, plus a manuscript which describes this powerful routine, in addition to other possible effects. Please don’t confuse this with other calculators that have been on the market. The DIGITAL FEEDBACK calculator is totally examinable and will function normally, yet its secret will allow you to do very extraordinary things!

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