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Uncovered – Secrets for the Serious Magician by John Luka

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Details: Uncovered is a compilation of first class practical card magic, including some powerful non-card items, written for the serious magician. Featured are several commercial creations that John has had the pleasure of performing in restaurants, at magic get togethers, and at parties for friends. You will find magic that is well within the range of most magicians. The magic is devastating with most items requiring only basic sleight of hand. You won’t find any knuckle busters within this volume. But, you will find MANY things you can use. Anything less is unacceptable!

All the items have been photographed and are explained in great detail.


1 The Ambitious Card: With all the “Get Readies” choreographed into the trick for automatic double turnovers.
10 Licked At Last: An easy to do “In The Hand Triumph” that really packs a wallop.
18 The Card To Wallet: A killer “no palm” card to wallet.
23 The Magic Cards: A fun routine that leaves them wondering. 
27 WOW Revisited: A Spiffed up version of “The Biddle Trick”
32 Chromo Balls: A Technicolor revamping of “The Three Ball Transposition”.
38 The Airplane Card: Melding Vernon and Carlyle to produce an impossible “Card To Pocket”.
45 Michigan Monte: A no gaff version of “Sidewalk Shuffle”.
50 The Fun Routine: A devastating three-trick routine that’s fun to do.
52 Twisting Daryl: A variation of Daryl’s “Twisted Aces Redivivus” designed to open “The Fun Routine”.
59 Queens and Aces: Luka’s absolutely favorite Brother John Hamman effect.
66 Open Travelers Plus Plus: A variation of Don England’s “Open travelers Plus” designed to close “The Fun Routine”.
72 Shading: How to “Shade” a card.
73 R.B.’s Delusion: My favorite version of Charlie Miller’s classic “Dunbury Delusion”.
79 Invisible Palm: This version features the vanish of the last Ace that you can actually do.  
86 Coins Through The Table: This trick fooled Charlie Miller
90 Back to the 19th century: An incredible assembly using no gaffs or extra cards.

  • Publisher: John Luka Magic
  • Pages: 100
  • Location: Taylor, Mi, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2006
  • Binding: hardbound

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