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Seventh Heaven by Lewis Jones

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Details: This book is a compilation of Lewis’ seven softback booklets, the first of which appeared in 1993.

  • Imp Romp 2
  • The Spring of 52
  • Lusions
  • Champagne
  • Con Sessions
  • Counter Feats
  • Cardiogram (published by Repro)

Selecting material from these seven books and compiling the items into a single hardback has given me the chance to make them better. Not all of the items made it into the final cut. Some of them had been overtaken by time— for example, the number effects which relied on coin dates in the 1900s only. Some had already re-appeared as updated versions in other publications. Some effects have been shortened and tightened up. In some cases, I’d figured out better or simpler ways of achieving the same effect. Some have had the benefit of ingenious improvements suggested by friends. In fact, all the items have profited from second thoughts.

Many of the items are card effects, but for the sake of variety, you’ll also encounter coins, bills, business cards, books, magazines, ear rings, paper and pencil, wristwatches, handkerchiefs, pens, telephones, thimbles, cigarette papers, and diaries.


Cards with knobs on:

  • Delphic auricle
  • Mint sauce
  • Force
  • Just in case
  • Time switch
  • Osmosis
  • Staggered again

Changing places:

  • Practical joker
  • How come?
  • Computer fraud
  • What’s yours is mine


  • ​Aces in a hurry
  • Superior conjunction
  • Crossmatch
  • Randominium
  • Set and match
  • Prime cuts
  • Six billion to one

Comic Relief:

  • ​Easy mark
  • I tiddly I Thai
  • The one card deck
  • Remember, remember


  • ​Brought to book
  • This way up
  • Onlookers
  • Déjà view
  • Beat a blocker
  • Mental schmental
  • Graffito
  • Venus observed
  • Dialexis
  • Clock wise
  • Many happy returns
  • Readout
  • Deeper, deeper
  • Stranger
  • Types crypt
  • Terms of reference
  • The fisher king


  • ​Ultra red
  • Tandem
  • Thimble
  • Right on cue


  • ​The 50 card trick
  • Red hot poker
  • Twin paradox
  • The wave mechanic
  • Calendar card
  • The REALLY invisible deck
  • Habits

Hide and seek:

  • ​A card in hand
  • Spectator control
  • The fisherman
  • Master cutter
  • Twin
  • Peeper
  • The tomb of the kings

The luck of the draw:

  • ​Accomplice
  • Best of three
  • The challenge
  • Colour poker
  • Easy money
  • Oops
  • For better, for worse
  • Peek and poke
  • The Philadelphia Hamlet
  • Scamble
  • Sweeter cider
  • Trumpery

The scarlet and the black:

  • Curry for three
  • Fast reactor
  • DOP


  • ​The witches of time
  • Electromagnetics
  • Meet the president
  • The dark lady
  • Houdini’s hand


  • ​Random access
  • Cornelian
  • Well stacked
  • Big deal
  • Snibbets
  • Cut and come again
  • Memory-deck
    • (1) The system
    • (2) Snap
    • (3) Birthday card

Tall tales:

  • ​Take-over
  • The lady vanishes
  • Demolition derby


  • ​The invisible cull
  • Four in hand
  • The Zenith cut and pass
  • The NGR top change
  • Mexican earthquake
  • Colour scheme
  • OH!
  • Quadrisect
  • The 5 Ace deck
  • The lever drop
  • Meltdown
  • Triples
  • Twin peeks
  • The vanisher
  • The twist-turn
  • The limbo count
  • Edge grip control
  • Anyone for jogging?

Hide and seek:

  • ​A card in hand
  • Spectator control
  • The fisherman
  • Master cutter
  • Twin
  • Peeper
  • The tomb of the kings
  • Publisher: Lewis Jones
  • Pages: 377
  • Location: UK
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 2004
  • Binding: hardbound

Contents: lewisjonesmagic.co.uk – click for details

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1 review for Seventh Heaven by Lewis Jones

  1. S. Waters

    An incredible piece of literature…

    Lewis Jones’ "Seventh Heaven" is one of the most under-appreciated modern card magic books. Instead of listing all the types of effects, suffice it to say that if you like:

    Stacks…it’s in here
    Out of This World (variations)…it’s in here
    Innovative sleights and controls…it’s in here
    Wonderful lateral thinking… I think you get the idea

    I have used a number of routines from this work, including his "D.O.P." (a color sensing routine) and his "Ace Cutting" routine on numerous occasions. This is one of those works that will be talked about as an underground classic (that will command crazy prices) one day. It’s a no-brainer, as the rest of Lewis’ works.

    Ingenious mind, indeed.

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