Semi-Automatic Card Tricks (Vol. 5) by Steve Beam

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Details: Since the first volume was published in 1993, the Semi-Automatic Card Trick series has become the largest and most reliable resource for professional caliber, non-sleight of hand card magic. Full-time magicians and conjuring hobbyists alike have come to rely on the creative card magic stored in these volumes when they want to go for the jugular.

In addition to fifty items of his own creation, the author has brought together over two dozen of his friends from around the world who have contributed fifty of their pet effects to this volume. This is high-octane, low-fat, innovative card magic built from the ground up. These effects feature the latest in card trick technology incorporating new principles and little-known subtleties.

Whether you want to out-magic your fellow magicians or fry the synapses of your lay audiences, this is real magic for the real world.

“I’ve just read this dense book, chock full of content, well written and well conceived, and I know that the other four volumes are destined for my library.” David Regal, Genii, August 2004.

“The Semi-Automatic series overall could be considered as a course in self-help. For those who simply like a good read and a few tricks, Steve Beam is an entertaining writer and a creative conjurer, with a finely honed sense of quality control. It’s all good stuff. As Steve frequently points out, if you take out a move and substitute a subtlety, then you have to up your presentation a bit. Aspects of presentation are therefore well covered throughout the book. Patter themes abound, designed to disguise the semi-automatics.”   Al Smith, Abracadabra.


10 Introduction

16 The Rolly Polly Controlly
16 The Rolly Polly Controlly (Steve Beam)
20 Rolly Polly Goalie (Steve Beam)
20 The Leapfrog (Steve Beam)
21 Utility Cutter (Steve Beam)
22 Mirakill (Marty Kane)
23 Around The World (Steve Beam & Scott Robinson)
26 The Paddlewheel (Steve Beam)
27 The Spring Roll (Steve Beam)
28 Roller Derby (Steve Beam)

34 Telephone Tricks
34 Excalibur (Doug Canning)
37 Close Call (Lewis Jones)
38 Survivor TV Series (Marty Kane)
40 Telephony (Steve Beam & Doug Canning)

46 Prediction Tricks
46 Rainbow Prediction (Tony Griffith)
48 Hexadiction (R. Paul Wilson)
50 Open Prediction (Phil Ogden)
51 Killer Prediction (Steve Beam)
52 Fifth Incantation (Steve Beam)
54 Reading The Future (Raj Madhok)

58 Counter Measures
58 Killer Count (Steve Beam)
61 Counterweight (Steve Beam)
62 Eye Contact (Steve Beam)
63 Flash Memorization (Steve Beam)
64 Cold Cuts (Steve Beam)

70 Gambling Tricks
70 Lucky, Lucky, Lucky (Lewis Jones)
73 Odd Man In (Steve Beam)
76 Flip-Flop Poker (Reinhard Muller)
77 Three-Deal Royal Flush (Reinhard Muller)

82 The Curiouser Count
082 Curiouser Count (Steve Beam)
85 The Even Curiouser Count (Steve Beam)
86 Fabulous Four-Card Prediction (Steve Beam)
89 Fantastic Four-Card Prediction (Steve Beam)
92 Epilog

96 Impossible Locations
096 Mr. Clean (Mick Ayres)
97 Slider (R. Paul Wilson)
99 Piling On (Steve Beam)
100 Son Of The 21-Card Trick (Lewis Jones)
101 Total Chaos (Steve Beam)
102 Exhumation (Steve Beam)
104 The Caviar Location (Steve Beam)

112 Meet The Eliminator & The Exterminator
112 One Man’s Search For Meaning (Dave Solomon)
113 Even More (Dave Solomon)
114 Four Gone Conclusion (Steve Beam)
116 Deal Of Fourtune (Steve Beam)
117 Fourplay (Steve Beam)
119 Diamonds Are Fourever (Steve Beam)

124 Singularities
124 Persi De D (Dominique Duvivier)
132 All That Jazz (R. Paul Wilson)
134 Castor & Pollux (Allan Slaight)
135 Double Digit Inflation (Doug Canning And Steve Beam)
138 Calculated Risk (Mick Ayres)
139 The Scorpion (Lewis Jones)
141 That’s The Ticket (Andy Hurst)
144 Defaced (Chastain Criswell)
145 Recount (Lewis Jones)
146 The Omega False Count (Lewis Jones)
147 Apart-Hide (Marty Kane)
148 Sucker Assembly (R. Paul Wilson)
149 Warped (Luke Dancy)
151 Tip Trey (Nathan Kranzo)
152 Trading Spaces (Scott Robinson)
155 The Deck Will Tell (Allan Slaight)

160 Bait And Switch
160 Bait & Switch (Steve Beam)
162 Six Appeal (Steve Beam)
164 Six Pack (Steve Beam)

167 Impossible Revelations
167 A Card And A Number-Take Three (Steve Beam)
168 Midnight Speller (Doug Canning)
169 Mooning The Midnight Speller (Steve Beam)
170 Ahead Of The Game (Mick Ayres)
171 From The Belly Of The Beast (Steve Beam)

175 Mental Effects
175 Dai-O (Lewis Jones)
177 Con-Sense (Mick Ayres)
178 Zero Tolerance (Steve Beam & Doug Canning)

186 Magic From Spain
186 Bullet In The Belly (Anton López)
187 The Spanish Turnover (Anton López)
188 Yankee Variation (Steve Beam)
189 Lightning Divination (Cesar Fernandez)
191 Mutus Nomen Dedit Cocis (Gianfranco Preverino)
192 The Dragon Shuffle (Camilo Vazquez)
194 Spell Found (Juan Esteban)

201 The Magic Of Ramón Riobóo
201 In The Bluff (Ramón Riobóo)
202 In The Long Run (Ramón Riobóo)
204 Cops And Robbers (Ramón Riobóo)
205 One In The Side Pocket (Ramón Riobóo)
206 The Royals Go Courting (Ramón Riobóo)

211 Updates
211 Mating Season V (Steve Beam)
212 The Really False Cut (Steve Beam)
215 Lethal Weapon (Chris Hannibal)
217 Hellish Hot Curry (Trevor Mccombie)
219 Boxed Set (Scott Robinson)
220 That’s A Wrap (Scott Robinson)

225 The Utility Belt
225 Named Location (Steve Beam)
226 Dribble Stud Force (Steve Beam)
228 GPS Stack (Steve Beam)
230 Ram Deck (Phil Ogden)
233 Mnemonia (Lewis Jones)
235 The Memory Fogger (Steve Beam)
239 Card Counting For Poets (Mick Ayres)
240 Bottom Feeder (Steve Beam)
241 Fifty-Two Card Monte (Steve Beam)
242 The Accordion Spread Force (Steve Beam)
243 Quickie Reference Section-The Glossary
247 Routine Builder
251 Thanks Given
253 Index

  • Publisher: Trapdoor Productions
  • Pages: 256
  • Location: Cary, NC, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2004
  • Binding: hardbound

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