Semi-Automatic Card Tricks (Vol. 3) by Steve Beam

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Details: The first two volumes of this series raised the standard for semi-automatic card tricks to a new high. The 120 plus tricks proved that card magic doesn’t have to be difficult to be mystifying and entertaining. They also made the point that easy-to-do cards tricks do not have to be full of dealing, counting, and mathematics.

In Volume 3 of Steve Beam’s Semi-Automatic Card Tricks, you will find more than seventy more of the most lethal card tricks available to modern magicians. The 200 tricks in the series form a complete arsenal for entertaining with card magic. The author has succeeded in eliminating unnecessary sleights and boring process, while adding humorous presentations and entertaining plot lines.

As the author is fond of saying, “A diamond is a diamond, but a well-built card trick is a thing of beauty.” These well-built card tricks are guaranteed to fry magicians and saute laymen. These are card tricks that cook!

“Mr. Beam (editor of the very popular close-up magazine The Trapdoor) is a humorous and entertaining writer, who has a keen eye for picking top-notch material. He is also no slouch when it comes to creating routines himself. The list of contributors to Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume III is a who’s who of clever magic folk. If you enjoy card magic and you’re looking for material that won’t bust your knuckles, you will certainly have fun with Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume III. (And you’ll also enjoy the previous volumes in the series.)” – Michael Close, MAGIC, October 2000.


13 Introduction

16 Gambling Tricks
16 Done Deal (Steve Beam)
19 Houses Rules (Steve Beam)
20 Strout Fellow (Allan Slaight)
22 Give Me Five (Lewis Jones)
24 Beat It
25 You Bet (Lewis Jones)
26 Culinary Bet
27 Five Card Stud (Doug Canning & Steve Beam)
31 Seven Card Stud (Steve Beam)
33 Up & Over the Down & Under (Steve Beam)
33 Lucky Card
35 Automatic Ace Cutting (Tom Gagnon)
37 Competition Cutting
38 Discard Poker (John Moran)
40 Monte 101 (Joel Givens)
44 The Deck Will Tell (Gary Plants)
46 The Macho Magician Versus the Wussy Gambler (Steve Beam)
49 Locating A Deal (Josh Jay)
51 The Show (Doreen Knott)

56 Impossible Locations
56 The Of – Age Card Trick (Steve Beam)
56 Fishing Expedition (“Bi – Cycle “)
58 Pile Driver (Steve Beam)
60 Turning 21 (Steve Beam)
62 Infusion
62 Count Forward Force
64 The New Math (Steve Beam)
66 Pee Wee Card Trick (Steve Beam)
70 Double Down (Steve Beam)
70 The Memory ADE
72 Doubling Up on the Double Down (Steve Beam)
73 V. D. (Marty Kane)
75 Revisiting The Dream (Jerry Mentzer)
77 Prime Location (Steve Beam)
80 Bulletproof (Steve Beam)
82 Parallelogram

86 Impossible Revelations
86 Birthday Card (Steve Beam)
88 Birthday Shuffle (Lewis Jones)
90 Mind – Testing Deck (Steve Beam)
92 Double – Up
92 Blanket Test
92 Boob Job
94 Clearing The Deck (Doug Canning & Steve Beam)
96 The Eraser
96 Synaptic Selection
97 Symmetrick (Marty Kane)
99 Name It (Doug Canning)
102 Signature Card To Wallet (Steve Beam)
104 The Checkout (Steve Beam)

108 Singularities
108 The Unselected (Steve Beam)
110 The Bilton Diary (Tony Griffith)
113 Killer Kombustion (Marc Paul, Andy Stone, Anthony Owen
115 Mortality (Steve Beam)
118 Palindrome (Gary Plants)
121 Christmas Tree Card Trick (Marty Kane)
123 Why 2K? (Marty Kane)

128 Face Up / Face Down Shuffles
128 Simply Shuffled (Steve Beam)
130 Handy Triumph Display (Joel Givens)
133 Reverso (Jack Avis)
135 The Fantasy (Routine by Steve Beam)

140 The Match Game
140 Stebbin Out (Allan Slaight & Steve Beam)
143 Match Maker (Lewis Jones)
146 Card Craps (Marty Kane)
148 Deal Stopper (Steve Beam)
152 Applause Card (Steward James – Routine by Steve Beam)

158 Cards of Color
158 The Pattern Principle (Lewis Jones)
160 Red Alert One (Lewis Jones)
161 Red Alert Two (Lewis Jones)
162 Red Alert Three (Lewis Jones)
163 Red Alert Four (Lewis Jones)
164 Missed (Joe Mogar)
165 Cardman´s Best Friend (Marty Kane)

170 Topological Effects
170 Joking Around (Lee Asher)
171 Joking in Three Dimensions (Mark Horowitz)
172 Reconstruction (Steve Beam)

181 Multiple Locations
181 Face Off (Steve Beam)
183 The Hallmark (Marty Kane)
185 Hallmark Inventory (Marty Kane)
186 Marilyn, Carolyn, Timothy & Sue (Routine by Steve Beam)
188 Think – King Out Loud (Marty Kane)
190 Going Down (Gary Plants)
192 Future Foretold (Steve Beam)
195 Cheap Suits (Steve Beam)
197 Hmmm… (Steve Beam)
198 Key Cult
199 Demolition (Steve Beam)
201 Three Names in the Fountain (Al Smith)
202 Food For Thought
204 Bite Me (Steve Beam)
206 Strike Three (Steve Beam)
208 Underhand Location (Steve Beam)
210 Plugging The Keyhole (Presentations by Tom Craven & Steve Beam)
211 Six Shooter (Steve Beam)
213 Five Spot (Steve Beam)

218 Moves
218 The Underhand Shuffle (Steve Beam)
219 Double Undercut Alternative
221 One – Way Budget Cut (Steve Beam)
223 Forked Fan Force (Steve Beam)
224 The Dribbler (Joel Givens)
225 King of The Hill Control (Steve Beam)
225 Alternative Bottom Control

227 Glossary

231 “Thanksgiven”

232 The Routine Builder

235 Index

  • Publisher: Trapdoor Productions
  • Pages: 239
  • Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2000
  • Binding: hardbound

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