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The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne

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Details: “The Magic Book” reveals the secrets of magicians―the simple techniques that will enable anyone to perform seemingly complicated magic tricks with relative ease. Clearly written and heavily illustrated―there are over 200 illustrations in all―this book guides you through the basic principles of magic using only common household items: a deck of cards, coins, rubber bands, and even a potato. The author then provides simple step-by-step instructions for hundreds of amazing tricks which he has perfected after forty years of painful trial and error.


To help new magicians develop their techniques, Harry Lorayne provides a special “afterthought” section at the end of each magic trick where he discusses possible problems that most beginners have with the trick he has just explained. In addition to the practical instruction, Lorayne provides the philosophy of magic as it has never been taught before.


13 Preface.
17 Forward.
23 Terminology

27 Tips and Techniques
27 To Square a Deck
28 Hand-to-Hand Spread
29 To Remove and Display Cards
30 The Riffle Shuffle

32 Card Flourishes
32 The Ribbon Spread
36 The Charlier Cut: A one handed cut

40 Card Handling and Sleights
40 The Jog Shuffle: Basic sleight
43 – For a selected-card control: Use of the Jog Shuffle
44 – For selected-card position: Use of the Jog Shuffle
46 The Slip Shuffle
47 Instead of the Pass: A variant on the overhand shuffle to use instead of the pass.
52 Legitimate and False Cuts
52 – The Kick Cut
53 – The Swivel Cut
55 – A 3-Way False Cut
56 The Hindu Shuffle
59 – The Hindu Shuffle as a Control
60 The Double Lift (Three Methods)
68 The Palm (Two Methods)
76 The Hindu-Shuffle Force (Two Methods)
79 Four Forces
79 – The Crisscross Force
80 – The Between 10 and 20 Force
80 – The Revolving Force
81 – The Classic Force
83 The Glide

Sleight-of-Hand Effects and Routines

88 Cutting the Aces: Magician cuts aces after shuffling
90 – The Spectator Locates: Spectator spells to last ace
91 Anyone Can Be a Magician: Spectator finds three cards that magician names
94 Insert: Magician tries to find selected card. Fails. It’s in spectator’s hand
96 Strange Voyage. Magician finds wrong card. It turns into selected card, and the wrong card is in the magician’s pocket
97 The Acrobatic Deck. Throw deck, it cuts, find selected card at cut
99 One-at-a-Time Aces. Classic four-ace trick where three aces disappear and reappear under first ace
105 Instant Aces: Aces placed in deck appear on top
107 Ultra Location and Prediction
111 The Color-Changing Deck: Spectator selects the one red-backed card in a blue-backed deck. Nice ending
115 The Lonely Card: Surprising location of selected card
117 Color-Changing Aces: Similar to Dr. Daley’s Last Trick. Show four aces. Put two red aces into person’s hand: they’re now the black aces.
118 Two-Card Revelation: Selected card is found reversed in deck.
121 Double-Lift Reverse: A move, not effect.
122 Triple-Climax Speller: Nice spelling effect. Spectator spells to his card, and its faceup.
125 The Double Color Change
127 The Calculating Deck: Using a deck as a “calculator”.
129 Name a Card: Magician names cards without looking at them.
130 The Ambitious Card: Card repeatedly rises to top of deck. No passes, but shuffles.

134 Practically Self-Working Card Routines
134 Mental Message: Spectator thinks of card, inserts face-up card into face-down deck, right next to thought of card.
137 This Guy and the Drinker: Fun gambling routine.
141 Prediction
143 Prediction Expanded
144 The 10 and 20 Aces: Spelling trick to find spectator’s card.
145 Matching Thought: Interesting use of Between 10 and 20 Force.
146 It’s Impossible!: Prediction of spectator’s card.
148 – Spell a Name: Same principle, different presentation
148 – Lie Detector: Same principle, different presentation.
149 King of the Card Sharps: Gambling demonstration as a story.
151 Cast an Instant Spell: Spectator spells to his thought of card.
152 Key Cards: Four tricks using this principle.

158 Basic Coin Sleights
158 The Finger Palm.
163 Persistence-of-Vision Coin Vanish (Three Methods).
168 The Paper-Fold Coin Vanish.
170 Basic Coin Switch.

172 Coin Magic
172 Copper and Silver: Two coins switch places in two to different spectator’s hands.
174 The Jumping Coin: One coin travels from hand to hand, after some byplay.
176 The Magnificent Seven: Give spectator seven coins, but he ends up with just six.
179 Four Coins Across: A version of the old classic. One by one, coins travel from one hand to the other.
185 The Coins-Through-the-Table Classic: Four coins go through table, one at a time.
194 Magnetic Pull: Two coins through table, both at the same time.
195 The Traveling Salesmen: Like the Sympathetic Coins. Cover up coins two at a time with cards, and they collect into one place.
201 Coin Through Handkerchief
204 Coin Through Ring

209 Number Magic
209 The Nine Principle
211 The Missing Digit
214 Ten-Eighty-Nine
215 Lightning Addition
217 Your Lucky Number
218 The Instant Magic Square: Make a magic square for a number given by a spectator, instantly.

224 Mental Effects
224 Line o’Type: Predict text where newspaper is cut.
226 Which Coin?: Discern which hand is holding which small object.
227 I’ve Got Your Number: Predict what number spectator will pick between 1 and 50, or 50 and 100.
231 The Larger the Bill
234 That’s Odd!: Read spectator’s mind to decide if he has a heads or tails coin.
236 Three Ways to One: Quick prediction effect with three different coins.
237 Mind Reading Plus: Predict answers to three spectator’s questions.

241 Miscellaneous Magic
241 The Headless Match. Restore a torn, signed match.
245 The Traveling Match: A burned match reappears in a matchbook.
249 Pen Through Handkerchief
252 The Asbestos-Handkerchief Routine: Burn paper through a handkerchief with a cigarette, without harming the handkerchief.
257 Not a Knot!: A tied knot disappears.
260 Three Times and Out: Magician repeatedly puts two objects into his hand, but ends up with three.
263 Sgt. Elastic and Clip Artists: Two paperclips and a rubber band on a dollar bill link together. Nice patter.
266 From 1 to 10: Quickie where two objects end up in one hand instead of one object in each hand.
268 French Fries: Push paper straw through potato.
271 Everything Goes: Quickie where pen disappears, then paper disappears.
274 Four to Go: Four objects (sugar cubes, etc…) in square. As hands cover them one at a time, they gather in one corner.
278 The Mystic Saltshaker: Surprising penetration of saltshaker through table.
281 The Ring-String Thing: Ring attaches to string in surprising way.
285 Ashes to Ashes: Ash rubbed on spectator’s hand penetrates through to their palm.
289 Magic Breath: Tear and restore a balled up napkin.
290 Another Paper Tear: Tear and restore a small piece of paper.
294 Ultra Bind: Two shoelaces link.
298 Tongue in Cheek: Cut and restored rope, using your tongue.
300 And That’s Real Magic: Another cut and restored string.
304 Last Word: Some final remarks.

  • Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons
  • Pages: 306
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Edited by: Harry Lorayne
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1977
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne

  1. Danny doyle

    Best book to start with

    This book is amazing. I first read it when I started 20 years ago and still use the color changing deck to this day. Every performance of close up I do. I make my living doing magic. Dont pass this by.

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