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Rene Lavand – Magic From The Soul by Rene Lavand

(c. 1993) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: René Lavand is without equal in his chosen field. He has held audiences around the world spellbound with his poetic and emotional style of presentation. Over forty years ago René Lavand, “the one-armed magician from Argentina,” created a sensation on The Ed Sullivan Show. Since then he has devoted his life to refining and performing his own brand of close-up magic. Luminaries such as Dai Vernon, Slydini, Juan Tamariz and Ascanio have referred to him as one of magic’s great treasures and an artist of the highest degree.

This book is the culmination of that lifetime of work. Now under one cover are René’s first two books Slow Motion Magic I and II as well as the never-before published Volume III. Additional routines have been culled from existing sets of Spanish language lecture notes and of course it includes René’s trademark routine with three bread crumbs and a tea cup as seen on The World’s Greatest Magic television special. All of this great material has been re-translated from the original Spanish manuscripts and with the assistance of videotape and live demonstrations, each routine has been completely rewritten. Finally, 225 line drawings by Homer Liwag were added to further clarify this wealth of material.

You will be astounded by the techniques that René has created which allow him to perform these miracles but as he never fails to point out at his lectures, “… it is possible to perform these effects with two hands as well.” His theories on presentation and methodology serve as valuable lessons to all magicians. If you never perform a single trick from this book, Magic From the Soul still stands as an important work for those who are interested in magic as a performing art.

Not to be overlooked is the first chapter of this book; a short biography of René that is illustrated with numerous photographs. Here is a book to inspire any true lover of mystery written by a man who has earned the right to call magic an art

Pages: 228 – 8.5″ x 11″ – Hardcover with dust jacket – Black and white illustrations and photos


Introduction – Juan Tamariz 5
Prologue – Arturo de Ascanio 7
Publisher’s Note – Mike Caveney 11
Foreword – Rene Lavand 13
My Life 15
A Philosophy 30
That Which 15 Simple 37
The Importance of the Preamble and the Epilogue 38
A Story for Young Enthusiasts 38
The Importance of Pauses 39
Regarding My Techniques 40
Turn-Over Second Deal 42
Third Deal 43
Fourth Deal 45
Fifth Deal 45
Sixth Deal 46
Synthesizing 47
To Start A Routine With Four Cards 49
Bottom Deal 50
La Carambola (The Break) 51
T urn-Over Switch 52
Turn-Over Change 53
Palming Before The Cut 56
The Lavand Double Lift 58
One-Handed False Shuffle and Cut 58
Tricks With A Normal Deck
Nothing Happens By Chance 62
Monte Revelation 63
1 Was A Gambier 65
The Tijuana Story 65
Private Conference 67
Switching Hands 68
1 Can’t Do It Any Siower 69

The Story of Victorio de Pardu 74
Transposition 78
A Little More On Gambling 79
Old Man River 84
The Deck Is Feminine 92
Chance 93
Three Queens – Four Aces 96
Ace, Two, Three, Four 100
Swing With A Sonnet 102
I’m Going To Be Honest With You 104
All Fours 107
Ah! lf They Were 108
Ah!…lf They Were (Variation) 109
Showing Off 110
You Find Your Card 111
An Alternative Technique for Reversing Cards 114
Reverse Two 115
This Is The Simplest of All 116
Something More 117
With lust One Hand 120
Improvisations 122
Poker Against All 126
Slip-Cut Technique 128
Flash Effects 131
My Monte 133
I Don’t Know Why 141
Tricks With Prepared Cards
Proposal 145
Peace 146
The Story of Antonio the Gypsy 146
Antonio’s Three Card Monte 147
My Turn 149
Your Signature In My Wallet 150
lust One Moment. .. Iust One 151
Perhaps, So me Day 152
Rosary Deck Routines 155
Rosario Stop 156
More Rosary Effects 156
There Are Many Legal Tricks for a Resourceful Gambier 159

This Shall Be A Noble Trick and Nothing More 160
My Favorite 161
The Little Martian 162
My Grand Illusion 163
Playing Pirates 166
Rehearsal In Madrid 168
Pygmalion 171
Poker Bagatella 172
Mahtub 176
That’s The Way We Are 180
You Wanted It 181
Tripie Prediction 182
A Box of Candy For Your Kindness 184
It Would Be Impossible For Me 187
My Penknives
A Trick For The Chosen Few 192
The Routine 199
Something Else 205
Spotted Knives 206
My Engraved Penknife 211
My Little Penknife 212
Three Bread Crumbs
Bread Crumb Routine 216

  • Publisher: Mike Caveney’s Magic Words
  • Pages: 228
  • Location: Pasadena, CA, USA
  • Edited by: Mike Caveney, Homer Liwag
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1993
  • Binding: hardbound

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